The Glam Skanks are an exciting new name in glitter rock.

One listen to the debut album of the Glam Skanks, and it’s like you’re transported back in time to ’70s glam-rock, reminiscent of Alice Cooper, David Bowie and Queen. But the songs also seem part Suzi Quatro and even a bit of the Bay City Rollers, so the group has created its own special nod to the glitter rock category.

The Glam Skanks are comprised of twenty-somethings vocalist Ali Cat, guitarist Veronica Volume, bassist Millie Chan and drummer Jaxine Sparkles (the lone man), and they have played together for about five years.

“It’s really something you have to see to get the whole gist of who we are,” Volume said. “Basically, we’re punky rock n’ roll and we have this feminist, sassy attitude. It’s easy-listening choruses and in-your-face fun.”

It was a pair of fortuitous Craig’s List ads placed separately by Cat and Volume that led to the formation of the band. Each ad stated it was looking for musicians interested in glam rock, and both replied to each other and they soon added Chan and Sparkles.

“Both Ali and my dad grew up with musicians as dads, so that really influenced us and drove us both towards this career,” Volume said. “My dad was always singing and when I got older and saw him perform on stage, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

While the band’s videos are all over the internet, it’s still a challenge to get the band’s name out there sometimes, and so the Glam Skanks have been trying to tour as much as possible.

Last year, the Glam Skanks had a dream gig, opening for Alice Cooper on tour. They are following that up in early 2017 as the opener for pop icon Adam Ant’s 35th anniversary “Kings Of The Wild Frontier” tour.

On Jan. 23, the tour makes a stop at the Lincoln Theatre – the Glam Skanks’ first time playing in the D.C. area.

“People can expect a fun, wild, energetic performance and real authentic rock n’ roll,” Cat said. “We’ve been playing some local gigs getting ready for the tour, which opens in D.C., so we’re all really excited about it.”

Up until now, the foursome has only played on the West Coast, which is why both Cat and Volume said the thing they are looking forward to most about the tour is traveling across the country and going to places they’ve never been to.

“We’ll be playing on these incredible stages, and we’re hoping to gain some fans and get them into our music,” Cat said. “We’re all very excited about it all.”

The team-up with Adam Ant came thanks to Volume’s dad, musician Bruce Witkin, who is a member of The Hollywood Vampires alongside Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp.

“My dad has known Adam since before I was born. They used to tour together back in the ’90s,” she said. “When he was looking for an opener, my dad showed him our video and he liked our stuff and thought we would be a good fit.”

The family connection also came in handy when Kevin Smith was looking for a tune for his new movie, “Yoga Hosers.” He asked the Glam Skanks to record a new song, which they did with “Miss Androgynous,” and also had them do covers of “The Hockey Song” and “This Dead Man” for the movie.

Cat doesn’t think the songs will be included in the Lincoln Theatre set, however, because the movie wasn’t very popular and the band wants to play its new stuff anyway.

Speaking of new stuff, the Glam Skanks have a new album out, appropriately called “Glitter City,” which features a catchy single in “Bad Bitch.” Critics have already dubbed the album, “Rocky Horror show meets Hedwig androgyny,” which in the band’s mind, is a great compliment.

The Glam Skanks are hoping that 2017 is the year that takes the band over the top.

“We want to play good gigs and hopefully get on a late night show within the next year,” Cat said. “We’re not in this for fame and money though, we just want to do this for the love of music.”

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