Samson! Happy Thanksgiving my extremely intelligent, incredibly handsome, greatest-cat-ever-in-the-universe brother of mine! Are you ready for all the food, family, and fun?”

“MEOWS! Oh yes! I love it my brilliant, incredibly handsome, greatest-dog-ever-in-the-universe brother of mine! I can taste the turkey and gravy now! Ahh and the delicious vegetables, the rolls, the fresh catnip, the … oh my, it is a pawsome time of the year!” 

“WOOF! Food isn’t the reason for Thanksgiving, Samson- though it is a pretty delectably-great part of it. This year, 2020, has been very challenging, so we need to pawse and think about what we are thankful for despite the events of the year! It hasn’t been all bad; it’s just that the bad has gotten more attention! WOOF! WOOF! We have pawlenty to be thankful for this year! What are you thankful for Samson?”

“Purrs! Quite a bit, Noah! I am thankful that Mom and Dad were home more than usual in 2020! They gave me more cuddles, snugglin’s, and belly rubs! I have had more time to get to know Dad which I needed since I was afraid of him. The extra time has caused us to become bonded buddies which I love! I am pawsitively thankful for my dog brother Noah who was been a pawsomely great big brother every day! I am pawticularly thankful for Dad’s studio table where I sit all day watching birds, squirrels, falling leaves, and the beauty of nature while bathing in the mostest beautiful sunlight! I have had fun exploring mysteries of the basement often finding new places to escape from the noisy universe. I am extremely thankful that Dad has understood that his singing is enough to wake the dead and quit doing it so I can relax! Meows! I am thankful for the pawnderful caring paws at Ohana Veterinary Care who help keep me healthy. I am thankful for my bedroom where I steal away to read the latest Caster and Trains magazines and Cat Watch Newsletters or nap on my bed or perch overlooking the world, or play with my toys, or sneak a peak out the front windows to see the world. I am very thankful. What about you Noah?”

“WOOF! WOOF! WOW, Samson! That’s pawsome! I am thankful for Mom and Dad being home more this year too! Dad took me on more walks, and many were longer than usual. I love all the extra cuddling, playing with toys, petting me, the many games of fetch, and the belly rubs. I am thankful for my beautiful crate with wall to wall carpeting, air conditioning, heat, water, and new beautiful artwork by Dad on the walls! I am thankful for my crazy cat brother! I am thankful for my big pillows where I lay and read Dogster and Trains magazines, and Dog Watch Newsletter. I am thankful for the delicious food and treats my humans provide me. In 2020, I have felt so much more love too. Dad has repeatedly said that the COVID quarantine would have been much worse for them if we weren’t around, that’s a blessing! I have had some health issues in 2020, so I am very thankful for Dr. Medici, the Veterinary Technicians, and the client care humans who helped me feel better! They went the extra mile every time and are so great! Samson, we have a lot to be thankful for this year!”

“Meows! Noah! Purrs! You and I are very thankful for the work dog and cat rescues volunteers do for the animals who lose their “Forever Homes!” Meowingly, if it weren’t for Saving Future Feral Cats ( PetConnect Rescue (, and Pilots ‘n’ Paws (, we would not have our pawsomely grand humans or “Forever Homes!” 

“Woofs, you are so right Samson! We are thankful for the volunteers who spendless countless hours rescuing and fostering dogs and cats from some of the most dire situations. Sometimes its humans who just do not want their pets anymore or humans who abuse them or the pets’ human dies so they have no other place to go and many other reasons!

Barkingly, Samson and I are thankful for our readers and the oppawtunity to write for the Fairfax Times!

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving day!” 

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,,,


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