Last Saturday afternoon, George Mason’s Men’s Volleyball team lost their match 3-1 to Harvard after narrowly defeating them 3-2 last Friday. Mason had suffered multiple injuries to their roster and the struggles were apparent during Saturday’s match. Despite these issues, Mason fought hard and kept Harvard on their toes. There were 24 ties and 10 lead changes throughout the four sets and Mason was close in each round until the fourth set.

The Patriots lost 25-21, in the first set, but in the second set, they looked to change the script and forced the game to go beyond 25 points. They lost 26-24, but they managed to win the 3rd set which would be the only one they’d win. Bryce Gatling and Jack Reese lead the way for Mason with 16 (Gatling) and 13 (Reese) kills. Both players had 16.5 pts with redshirt Junior Brad Creamer coming in with 8 kills and 11pts.

Creamer felt that despite the loss the team was, “gaining trust with each other after all the changes to the lineup.” He also mentioned that Harvard’s offense was hard to adjust to throughout the game because of its speed. “They force you to do some tough things,” he said, but Creamer remained optimistic that the team can “Make some changes.”

The Patriots are now 7-5 and their next game is February 21st against NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) at home. Mason’s Head Coach Jay Hosack feels that the keys to bouncing back next game would be a combination of two things. “We need to get better at passing and serving the ball,” he explained. Adding that, “We’re not going to win many matches without doing that.” Mason has nearly a week to get ready for NJIT and they have played two road games, winning both of them against Tusculum and Charleston (West Virginia). Mason is looking to extend their perfect record on the road and get back on track.

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