MEOWS! HISS! Paws, this year’s holiday gatherings may be a little different for humans but hopefully, you will still celebrate the days with your family. Paws, with as many foods and sweets you have around the house during the holidays, you need to be pawsitively sure your pets remain safe by not feeding them foods that could cause illness or even be fatal. Meowingly, after all, you want your bestest buddy to enjoy the season with you, right?

Purrs, if your pets will be around during mealtime, there are a few things to do to help the meal be a success! Before humans arrive, tire your dog out by going for walk, or even two, and playing in the backyard. For cats, we are too dignified for walks, take time to play with them beforehand. For shy pets, designate a safe room, or crate, for them to stay. Provide your pets with a healthy treat during dinner. Meows, if your pets are allowed to roam freely in your home during meals, pawlease remind humans of the house rules for food, drinks, and sweets. Each human, even if they have been to your home before, need reminding.

Paws, pawlease remember NOT to feed pets human food from the table. No matter how cute, adorable, and incredibly pawnderfully sweet your pet is, avoid the error of feeding from the table. Once you begin feeding from the table, you start a lifetime of the fella always begging and wanting to be fed whenever you sit down to eat. Cats should never be fed human food. Purrs, it’s best to feed dogs and cats the best-formulated diet you can afford. 

Meows, remember, dogs have a pawsome way of sneaking when you least expect it to taste what’s on the kitchen counter, the dinner table, from dinner glasses, and plates on humans laps or drink glasses on tables! Never leave these unattended or you may find fido or catster has stolen what they can reach! Purrs. 

One year, Noah was pawfully interested in the chicken bone from the human’s dinner. The human cleaning up wasn’t familiar enough with dogs which inadvertently allowed Noah to jump 6-feet up grab the entire chicken bone and scarf it down before anything could be done. Fortunately, there were no health issues for Noah. Meows, be sure to dispose of the poultry bones before your dog has a chance to sneak to steal it for his snack! Meows. 

Meows, a yummy and pawssibly tasty treat is the turkey skin with some gravy. Just sniffing the gravy in the air makes me want to dive into it and eat! Noah wants to trip Mom when she’s carrying the bowl! Paws, ingredients commonly used in gravy and turkey, especially the skin, are high fat which may cause digestive serious issues. The delicious treats for your pets aren’t worth it. 

Alcohol and sweets, like candy, cookies, cakes, and the like, are not good for humans, to begin with. Meowingly, considering what alcohol can do to a human should be a warning to not share even a sip with your pets. Their smaller size and lack of tolerance to it could cause you to head to the Veterinarian or the Pet ER Hospital. Many drinks, candies, cakes, and the like have the artificial sweetener xylitol, theobromine, and caffeine which are toxic to dogs and cats. These should be kept way out of reach. 

Meows, there are many foods around during the holidays which makes the season so pawsitively extremely tempting for pets.  Knowing what foods are safe and which are not, helps keep him healthy and the extra pounds off. The key to success is to remember, “the pets get NO human foods.” It might be challenging, as it is sometimes with my humans, not to give fido or catster a taste but remember, you want them with you for as long as possible so don’t give in to those sad eyes. Their health is your priority.  For a list of foods to avoid, pawlease visit the ASPCA’s Food’s to Avoid List at (https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/people-foods-avoid-feeding-your-pets)

If you are concerned your pet has ingested any food which might be harmful, contact your Veterinarian, a  local Pet Emergency ER, or call the Animals Pet Poison Control at 1-888-426-4435.

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at fromthedogspaw.com by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer, www.allenpearsonphotography.com, www.allenpearsonphotographyjournal.com, www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonPhotography, www.instagram.com/allen_pearson_photography, www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw, www.facebook.com/fromthedogspaw.

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