MEOWS! MEOWS! Oh, my paws Christmas is coming and so much to do! With the family home, purrs, you can gather together and decorate and sing carols and decorate some more and sing and eat, unless you sing like as my Dad does, then you sit out! Decorating and gift-wrapping is so much fun, barkingly, but with dogs and cats, you must pay attention to keep them out of trouble and avoid trips to the Pet ER or Veterinarian!  

Purringly, my humans start the season by decorating the front yard with various colorful Christmas inflatables! Dad loves Peanuts, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, so those are the first to go up. I’m an indoor cat, which all cats should be, so I don’t get to help with these decorations. Paws, Noah joins in on the fun because he is leashed. Though Noah is a good boy and “usually always” obeys Dad’s voice commands, he could get distracted by another dog, a cat, wildlife, or humans, which could cause him to chase. Dad uses a long tether leash so he can join in on the fun. DO NOT leave your dog unattended out front, even for a second.  

Purrs, when the fun moves indoors, I join in. Decorating a Christmas tree is fun! I love watching Dad struggle up the basement steps with boxes full of Christmas ornaments, tinsel, garlands, wreaths, and a plethora of stuff to usher in the holiday season! Meows! I have to resist the temptation to be an annoying cat by grabbing the strands of garland hanging out of the boxes or tripping him! Purrs! Meow. 

Meows, I love the smell of pine, the smell of a real Christmas tree in the house with a fire in the fireplace! Paws, the needles of a real tree, are sharp and could cause injuries to your pet’s skin. If swallowed, they can cause upset stomachs in dogs and cats. HISS! The water used to keep the tree green all season can do the same. Consider using a pawsitively beautiful artificial tree as they are safer for pets. Place the tree in a space away from the furniture which the cat could jump! Pawssibly place it in a room with a door closed or on a table out of reach. 

Meows, using garland and glass Christmas ornaments can be dangerous for curious cats and dogs. Purringly, when decorating, make sure the hooks used to hang decorations are secure. These could get into a dog or cat’s paw, or mouth even, and be a problem. Paws, consider using shatter-proof ornaments, especially near the bottom of the tree, to avoid injuries from broken glass! HISS! Pawsitively no food decorations, like strings of popcorn or fruit for ornaments! 

Paws, Christmas lights! Dad loves Christmas lights. He pawbably has a gazillion of them all over the tree. Meowingly, pets love to chew everything, place these cords out of reach, and use wire covers on the floor to prevent accidents! 

HISS!! Don’t light candles in the home during the season! Meows, not only will the Fire Department be happy about that, but you could be too! A seriously wagging tail or an indoor case of the zoomies could cause your pet to knock over a candle, causing a fire. A safer way to celebrate is by using battery-operated candles! Some LED candles look pawsomely great!

Purrs! Poinsettias, Lilies, Mistletoe, English Ivy, Rosemary Topiary, Holly, and Amaryllis, are beautiful plants! HISS! Those are dangerous for pets. Dad loves poinsettias and used them to decorate until he learned they could be dangerous, even pawssibly lethal. Meows, he went to a craft shop and found beautiful, almost life-look, poinsettias to use. These provide the color and beauty for the season, yet, they are not harmful to pets. 

Gift-wrapping is too much fun! MEOWS!! Mom gets the wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons! When she’s got it all laid out, I love pouncing on it to chase the ribbons! Maybe even a bow or two! Paws, though that’s fun for me, it’s not safe to allow cats to do it. For pets who love to chew, they could swallow pieces of ribbon or paper. 

For your safety and theirs, turn off all Christmas lights when you are going out! Who knows what your pets do when you leave the house! 

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,,,

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