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Paws, one of the mostest exciting events in life is bringing a puppy home! Barkingly, I remember when I was 2-years-old and brought to my new home. On the ride from the rescue to my new home, I was very nervous. I had never been to Virginia. We passed these places with bright lights, noise, and lots of cars! Barks, it definitely didn’t look like North Carolina where I roamed as a stray. Though nervous, I found comfort in my new humans. They seemed to know what they were doing and are wanting to give me a home. For a puppy younger than me, this can be a terrifying time as they leave their mother and pawssibly siblings to begin a new life.

As we rode home, I hear the humans discussing a new name for me. Barks, I kind of like the name I have, but it’s fine with me...who or what’s a “Handel?” Barkingly, they settled on “Noah Handel” but call me Noah. I am just glad they didn’t name me “Alawishus, Stupid, or Flavihose”- those would be embarrassing! I like my new name.

My first few hours at my new home were tranquil. Baby-gates were placed in areas where they didn’t want me to enter and most of the doors upstairs were shut for now. This is a good idea because it limits where I can sniff and accidentally have an “accident!” Barks, being a hound and wanting to check everything out could have been disastrous without those limitations. Paws, they showed me my new room which was a nicely decorated crate with blankets and a pillow situated in a room with them, not the garage or basement. Being in the room with them meant they will be around them often. My first night wasn’t as frightening as it could have been because the humans were near which helped me adjust.

Paws, for the first night and about a month after that, place your puppy’s crate in your bedroom near you to help reduce its fear and loneliness. Be prepared for a lot of whining, very little sleep, and some heartbreak. He might be calling for his Mama or siblings. If the puppy whines or barks, leash him and take him out to do his business. Do not play, cuddle, or coddle as you want him to learn that night is a time for sleeping, not playing. Barkingly, unless you want to start a lifetime of your pups sleeping in your bed, it’s best not to start this habit. It’s easier to break the habit of sleeping in a crate than sleeping in their human’s bed.

Barks, I heard that I have a Maine Coon cat brother named “Haydn.” He’s supposed to be good with dogs and will probably be excited to meet me. Paws, when we arrived, I found that he decided to hide. Later, I learn that he wanted to give me space to check me out and get used to my new home. Good cat! Keeping the cat away is a good idea because it allows less craziness on the first day. Paws, it prevents pawssible injuries too.

My new humans don’t have any mini-humans. If they had, they would be instructed to keep a respectful distance and remain quiet. No surprises, screaming or yelling.

Barkingly, I’m used to doing my business outside by myself, alone, in peace and quiet, not being watched by anyone. Growls! Tonight, I had to learn to give up some privacy as Dad kept me leashed as he walked me around the backyard showing me my new yard! Keeping me leashed and going out with me kept the backyard critters from annoying me. Woofs, it kept me from wandering off exploring the great wilds of the backyard universe too. Dad ended up doing that for many days and weeks ahead until I proved I could be let out on my own.  

Next week, Bringing Puppy Home, Paw 2!

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