Last week, I had a pawsome time running around with my human and his college roommate Ed from the pre-historic days – you know, before computers when humans were using stone tablets and chisels to write!

We went to the Manassas National Battlefield Park to hike the trail off Chinn Ridge. I took them on a pawsome long walk into the woods where it was so blissfully quiet. We were surrounded by trees and nature for a far as I could see. Not sure where the trail would end, we turned around before we ended up somewhere in a distant land following it back to the other end where it took us through open fields lined with really beautiful, old trees.

As we walked the trail, I noticed humans walking their dogs, some of them had two dogs with them who seemed so happy together. Barkingly pawsome to see bonded buddies! WOOF!

Our next trip was to Great Falls National Park where we saw a lot of water and more water and more water, and yes, even more water! I don’t understand the excitement but the humans like it. We followed a trail down alongside the rushing river to an overlook where the humans stood for what seemed like eternity. I peaked over looking for the excitement that keeps their attention. We then went to another place and took a look over the edge. This time, a little window allows me to look through. I look in wonder and awe. It’s all so beautiful!

While walking with my humans I notice other humans walking their dogs too. Some of them have two dogs that looked happy together. Just think, with double the dogs, you get double the love, double the smartness, double the fun, double the pleasure – all the greatness of a dog is doubled… BARK!

Back at the house each evening, I had the pawleasure of letting my new friend Ed pet me and scratch my belly until all hours of the night. It is always great to help a human. And, well, uh, yeah, I benefit too! WOOF! He says petting me was the most pawfect and best part of his trip!

My friend the “Lab Lady” is, once again, surrounded by pairs of Labradors who are bonded buddies and looking for humans to love and their forever homes! Have you thought about adopting a pair of Labradors? Until Sunday, Nov. 12, you can get $100 off the adoption fee when you adopt a pair so they can stay together! Just be sure to note in comments, “Adopting a Pair!” What better way to start the fall season!!

Meet Andy and Molly! These two are 8 months old, very sweet, and friendly Black Labrador Retrievers who are current on vaccines and heartworm negative. They were found wandering the countryside. This bonded pair must be adopted together.

Andy and Molly are good with other dogs, have no cat history and are recommended for mini-humans age 10 years and older.

This is Abby and Mason! They are, respectively, 7- and 10-month-old Chocolate Labrador Retrievers that must be adopted together. These two like being petted and getting all the attention they can get! They will chase a ball or toy but Abby usually brings it back, though Mason surprises her once in awhile.

The pair would love a home where they can stretch out on dog beds, go for walks and retrieve tennis balls! They can be trusted alone in the house and won’t chew anything. Abbey might sneak onto a couch or two but who can blame her! WOOF!!! The only time they bark is when Mason wants a tennis ball thrown. They don't chase squirrels or birds and seem unconcerned about noises like cars or sirens.

Abby and Mason are good with other dogs, have no cat history and recommended for mini-humans age 5 and older!

For more information on Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., visit, call the Lab Line: (301) 299-6756 or email

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Noah is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, a Dog Photographer and Writer,,,

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