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WOOF! WOOF! Barks! I am going to the beach! Paws, I am so excited; I have to prepare myself for this pawsome trip! Oh my barks, I hope this doesn’t mean I have to see dad in his Speedo. That’s enough to make a quiet dog bark loud…. repeatedly! WOOF!

Barks! I need to check to see if I’m allowed on the beach, or if there’s a time restriction. Not all beaches allow pawsome dogs, and others have restrictions on the hours that we can join our humans! Barkingly, the beach we are going to requires dogs to be on leashes during certain parts of the year! One of my pawed friends went to a beach where he was only allowed after 5 p.m. and on a short leash.

The first thing I am going to pack is my water canteen. My human puts water in the plastic canteen, which has a dish for me and a sports cap for him. It works great for carrying water with us. Barkingly, I’ll grab a small cooler to carry ice for those daily beach trips, when I’ll want cold water! WOOF!

WOOF! Barkingly, I have got the best beach umbrella, which will keep me and my humans out of the sun, so we don’t risk getting sunburn. Arf? Did you know that dogs can get sunburn? Yep, so to prevent it, I’ll check with my pawsome veterinarian for products that my humans can purchase. Barkingly, dogs can get skin cancers, as Melanoma, just like humans can.

I know I can swim, but I do not like going out in deep water. I’m more of a wader than swimmer. Another friend of mine was terrified of the water, another was an avid swimmer and another liked to play games in the water. Paws, thankfully, my human checked to see if I liked the water and if I can swim before taking off in the ocean! Barks!

Even though I am good in the water, I will pack a life vest to keep me extra safe. It allows me to play in the water longer and have more fun. Sometimes, when I get tired, especially in the water, I want to keep playing and that can be dangerous. Another great safety feature is the handle, which allows my human to grab me should something happen! WOOF!

I will pack several leashes for the beach trip too. Since beach rules vary, sometimes seasonally, it’s impawtant to have the right leash on-hand, so I can go to the beach and chase some of the beach babes. I will be upset to miss that. Some beaches do not allow Flexi-leashes and others prohibit certain lengths. Some do not require dogs to be leashed if they obey their humans’ commands, while others require leashes all the time; it’s best to be prepared. I have one leash, which matches my collar and makes me look like a hunk in my Speedo! WOOF! BARK!

Paws, I’ll be sure to pack more than a few poop bags too. Nothing worse than having to “go” and your humans do not have something to pick it up with. I’ll take several of those large gallon-size Ziplock bags to seal off those odorous wonders. Barkingly, it’s annoying and really gross to the humans and mini-humans, when running, playing, and building sandcastles, to find sand-covered gifts in the sand!

Another question for the veterinarian is about protection for my paws! The sand on the beach can be really hot and might burn my precious toesies, so I will talk to her about ideas to protect my toes from getting burned. WOOF!

I have to go now to try on my Speedo and see how my hunk-self looks! Ladies, here I come! WOOF!

WOOF! My friend the “Great Dane Dame” from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League came by this week with a fella for you to meet!

Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League - Scooby2.jpg

Scooby is one gentle, handsome and healthy Harlequin Great Dane who loves being with his humans. He loves playing tug-of-war and fetch. Also, he loves chewing on bones, being outside, running around the backyard and going for walks. He knows some basic commands. He is working on his house- and crate- skills.

Scooby is looking for a human, who will be home a good part of the day, with a confident dog and a large backyard to play!

Contact Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, http:///www.magdrl.org, 703-644-8009, coordinators@va-magdrl.org.

About Me:

Noah is Pawthor of www.fromthedogspaw.com- A blog about dog/cat adoption, humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats. He is Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, Dog Photographer and Writer, www.allenpearsonsphotos.com, www.twitter.com/AllensPhotos www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonsPhotos, www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw, www.facebook.com/fromthedogspaw www.twitter.com/fromthedogspaw.

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