Several years ago now, my human and I read a news story online about a human who couldn’t take care of their dog anymore. The dog was tied to railroad tracks and left alone. Fortunately, the dog was freed and the human was arrested. The human stated they didn’t “know about shelters or rescues!”

Learning that, it made me wonder what other humans may not know about dog rescues, and so I asked “The Great Dane Dame” of the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League a bazillion questions about rescues and what they do. So, while I stayed all snuggled in my nice warm bed with mom scratching my belly, my human took off to learn all he could learn about dog rescues. Barks!

When a human cannot keep their dog or cat, their first step can be to learn if any family or friends or your friends have friends or their friends have friends who would be interested in adopting the dog. Just because they are friends though doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful and very selective about who adopts your beloved pet.

Your second option is to consider contacting a local rescue. Barkingly, rescues are happy to guide you through the process of re-homing your pet. There are breed-specific rescues, senior dog and cat rescues, all-breed rescues, small-breed rescues and the list could go on. If a rescue doesn’t return your call, call a few others. Rescues are run by volunteers who do their pawsome best to assist everyone. Sometimes, they can’t take your pet for many good reasons but they will probably refer you to someone who may be able to assist.

When you surrender your beloved pet to a rescue, you will complete a form which will give you the oppawtunity to share with them all about your dear pet. Include all the pawsomeness and issues to help find the dog or cat a new forever home. The more information you can share, the more able the rescue is to find them a new home.

The rescue will take your pet to one of their supporting veterinarians who will give the furry one a physical examination and update them with any needed vaccinations and preventatives – ouch! Also, this is a sad time for the pets as they lose parts of their anatomy and “abilities” they probably prefer to keep – at least the guys do! WOOF!! However, it’s really a necessary thing to be done.

Next, the pet is assigned a foster parent who will be evaluating the pet to learn all about its pawsomeness and teach or train new skills to aid it in finding humans for the pet to love and a forever home.

Next week, I will share more about rescues!

My friend “Great Dane Dame” brought by a few friends for you to meet:

Meet Titan! My human had the pawleasure to meet and photograph Titan. He quickly learned the handsome fellow is full of energy and love; he wouldn’t quit running and playing, especially with dogs and humans who appreciate his pawsome personality and excitement! Though a fast guy, he has shown manners to little dogs. Titan doesn’t seem to have issues with cats, though the one who tested him is slightly “mean” so he was a bit scared. Who can blame him?

What’s more, he’s a kisser! Titan just won’t stop kissing humans! He has manners, knows “sit,” “shake a paw,” “‘high’ paw,” and “down” - but is still a puppy so he there’s plenty more to learn!

A mini-human has been giving him treats and teaching him a few tricks and he shows no signs of being rough, anxious or guarded with mini-humans. Titan will make an excellent addition to any family who is active and wants a “fun/playful” pup.

Meet Athena; a smart, beautiful, 15-month-old girl who loves getting treats, nuzzling with her humans, running and chasing squirrels! She’s house-trained, only chewing on toys and is very selective in choosing a chair for a nice nap. She needs loving and patience to learn to trust again but – with treats – she learns quickly!

Athena wants a home with no small dogs and mini-humans ages 12 or older. She’s lived with a cat but no known history.

Athena will have a training requirement as part of her adoption contract.

Find more information about Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League at, call (703) 644-8009 , or email

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