It is a beautiful warmish-coolish Fall afternoon. My human grabs his stuff and I put on my car harness which means we are going for a ride! I love these moments when we take off and go somewhere yet to be announced. I will know once we get there, of course, but my human likes to keep it a surprise. I just hope he keeps his shirt on and doesn’t do his embarrassing human things. Good thing I can’t blush when I’m totally embarrassed.

Usually, he will say something like “let’s go railfanning,” “let’s go leaf-peeping” (frankly, I never did understand why he wants to peep at leaves- is that legal?) or “let’s go explore the universe!” which usually means we’re going off into the world not knowing – or caring – where we are going, or what we will be doing.

I am buckled into the backseat to keep me safe which is a good thing as I’ve seen enough of how some humans drive. My human gets in the driver’s seat and off we go. I notice he hasn’t brought much stuff with him this time like he usually does. No matter, we’re probably just going for a ride and back home!

We head down this pawsome two-lane road which Dad loves as it seems like we’re out in the country within minutes of leaving the house. We, uh, pass, the uh, road where we normally turn and then, we take a turn we rarely do... there is a shopping center…we’re going to a Pet Shop to buy we stuff that I really deserve and want and need often.. Uh oh… NO!!! YIKES!! … unless….there it is … I will not let Dad know that I have caught onto his scheme. We are at the veterinarian! Arf.

Once inside, I am greeted by friendly ladies with the most cheerful smiles. They are just laying in wait to pounce on me with needles and all kinds of other stuff. They pretend to care about me by dragging me and forcing me to get on scales but applaud when I haven’t put on weight since the last time – of course, how can I impress the female dogs without a lean machine! WOOF!!

A few minutes later, my name is called by this pretty lady. But, she doesn’t fool me. I hunker down, I put my paws to the tile floor, and I try my best to not go into the room with someone I do not know… though my human is right in tow, er, front trying to persuade me to go. Traitor. Rude human.

Once inside, I find a corner of the room and put my face into it. If I can’t see them, they can’t see me and I can’t get out of here so … I’ll try anything… almost! Well, it doesn’t work. The lady veterinarian comes in, she is a really kind lady and I like visiting her until she starts putting things where they don’t belong and up in places that weren’t made by God to have those things put in and pushing here and prodding here and looking in my mouth and pushing on my teeth and making comments about how great I look to my humans. We went all this way and did all this just to hear the truth spoken by someone else? WOOF!

Barkingly, veterinarians are very important to a pet’s health and in keeping them healthy. I know all that, but it doesn’t make going easier or pleasant. WOOF! BARKS! How many regular appointments your pet has each year depends on age and a few other factors. Find a veterinarian for your pet and follow their advice! As a senior dog, I have two visits a year.

Barkingly, I have never been harmed at a veterinarian’s office. They all love and care for me like I was their own! I truly love them, but I can’t let them know that too often as they might want to poke and prod again! And, I don’t mind going to the veterinarian’s office and having beautiful ladies poke, prod, and stick and all those necessary things so I can be healthy until next time!

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