Puppy Running in Backyard

WOOFS! Barks, the backyard is one of my mostest favorite pawlaces to explore in the universe! It’s full of scents and smells of nature and wild critters who have snooped their way through during the night. Paws, I like running and playing in the yard too. Before allowing your puppy to roam free with human supervision in your backyard, you need to take time to walk around it and puppy-proof! 

If pawssible, it’s a great idea to have your yard fenced. The fence should be high enough to prevent pupsters from jumping over it when fully grown. Barks, there should be no holes to escape through either. Paws, if you have a fence already, be sure to walk along the fence line looking for places to escape, exposed sharp edges or nails, and damage which could allow curious pupsters to break through and find freedom on the other side! Barks. WOOFS! Pay pawticular attention to the fence gate where there are worn down places making it easier to escape. When my human brought me home, he quickly learned how easily the area around the gate was for me to dig. It took two 40-pound bags of topsoil to fill it back in!  Woofsly, be sure to check the fence gate latch is secure! 

Paws, when my human plants in the backyard, he makes certain new plants are not toxic to dogs, or cats either for that matter! Barks! If you have plants in your yard, try to determine whether they will be harmful to your new pups! Barkingly, the backyard should be free of debris, and the grass frequently mowed to deter the pawssibility of ticks. Paws, Dad uses a company called Natural Lawn of America - Manassas (www.naturallawn.com)(not affiliated) to treat the yard for ticks too. Along with my tick and flea preventatives, it helps me enjoy the backyard.

Lawn treatments such as fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides can be harmful to a pup who licks or chews on grass, weeds, or plants. Barks, be aware of when treatments have occurred, and keep your dog out of the treated area. Read the instructions on products you use for lawn care to determine whether products are harmful to pets and how long to keep them off the lawn. Ask lawn care companies for their recommendations about their products too. 

Barkingly, if you would like your pupster to use a certain area of the backyard to provide you with “gifts” you might not ever forget, now is the time to designate the area and train! Paws, as you take him outside to explore his new territory, take him to his designated area each time so he learns it. Paws, be sure to clean up his “gifts” so he doesn’t eat them later!

Pawsly, ponds, water features, and swimming pools are potential hazards to a young pup and a pawnderfully enticing attraction too. Be sure to put a fence around them to prevent getting into the water when you aren’t looking. Bark, you and your dog trainer should teach him water safety! Birdbaths are an attraction to dogs too. Barkingly, pups should be kept away as bacteria and other gross stuff can be found there!

Barks, an area often forgotten, my human was surprised when I explored it, is underneath an unenclosed deck! Paws, of course, this becomes an open place where we can explore and pawssibly get hurt. Barkingly, it can become a place for your pupster to hide not to mention snakes and other critters! Consider enclosing the deck underneath. 

Paws, it seems many backyards have firepits, fire rings, barbeques, gas grills, charcoal grills, heat lamps, and other fire sources that could cause burns to your pupster. Be sure to keep these areas clean of debris too. A curious pupster who smells ashes from your recent grill-out could ingest debris. Barks, I like to lick everything that smells good or has the scent of human food! 

When your pup is in the backyard, always be out there with him supervising. This is an excellent time for training and playing. Barks, he will need your protection from heatstroke, hazards, and even predators - especially the smaller dogs that can be prey to wildlife including hawks! Paws, there are humans who will steal unattended dogs too. Woof. 

About us! Barks! Meows! Using humor with facts, Samson and I write about dog/cat adoption, humor, pet care tips, and entertaining stories about life with pets! Enjoy our articles? Pawlease follow us at www.fromthedogspaw.com by email. Samson is Cat-in-Charge, I am Noah, Dog to our human, Allen Pearson Dog Photographer and Writer, www.allenpearsonphotography.com, www.allenpearsonphotographyjournal.com  www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonPhotography, www.instagram.com/allen_pearson_photography  www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw, www.facebook.com/fromthedogspaw.

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