Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing my thoughts about cat adoption and preparing your house for a new cat. It’s been a pawsome journey as I learn more about cats and things to consider. With dogs, it’s a little more complicated as they have specific needs to consider while cats seem to not need you and consider it your pleasure to have them in your home. They grant you permission to live with them. WOOF!!!

Here are a few more reminders to prepare your home for a new cat.

Be pawsitive to put all cleaning products away from their reach. Tighten the caps on all containers to prevent spilling. Install childproof latches on storage cabinets to prevent the curious kitties from pawing their way to explore. Remember to do the same in the garage especially with antifreeze containers.

Kitties love playing with yarn, string, ribbons, hair ties, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, small objects, and any combination thereof, which may be found anywhere they are exploring. Note items which hold batteries as they could fall out and be swallowed. Be sure to keep all pills and pill bottles put away! Be sure to put these items away and routinely do it after using them so kitty doesn’t come by and find things to play with later!

Selecting a few toys for the new cat? Be sure they are pawsitively safe for kitties. It’s easy to come home from the store with a bazillion shiny and cute toys for the cat to play with only to be surprised they are not safe after all. Do not be fooled by anything labeled “indestructible!” Check the toy over really well and avoid selecting ones with little eyes, ears, tails, or items on outfits which a cat’s sharp teeth can easily chew off and ingest.

Do you love to grow plants indoors? While not all household plants are toxic, most are poisonous. Be cautious and remove them.

My pawsome friend “Cat Lady” from PetConnect Rescue brought by several felines for you to meet! And suddenly, I am surrounded by kittens – three brothers and a best friend! Woof! Uh, meow? arf?

Meet Binky, Buttons, Biggles, and their best buddy Caesar. These guys were born in mid-June and found themselves in a shelter!

Binky loves wrestling, playing chase with the guys and being goofy to make humans laugh. He loves having fun with his brothers.

Biggles is the cute guy of the group, or so he tells me! Arf? He is pawsitively happy to be in a foster home now too. He likes playing with toys like his brothers.

Now Buttons, is the character of the group – and I should know! He is the mischievous one who enjoys surprising his brothers with pounces! He loves having his ear tickled and will head butt you for more!

Caesar thinks he’s the king as he sits on his cat tree throne! He is looking for subjects, er humans, to pet him behind the ears, tickle under his chin and give him belly rubs.

These guys would love to continue their adventures and be adopted together or they can be adopted separately. Two cats are better than one as they keep each other company. The more the merrier!

Contact PetConnect Rescue http://www.petconnectrescue.org, email: info@petconnectrescue.org or call 1-877-838-9171.

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