Barkingly, I think every month should be “National Pet Month” or it should be “National Pet Year!” Pawlease don’t tell my humans it’s not every month of the year! WOOF!! This month is designated to remind humans to do something special for their pets – to show them extra love for all their faithfulness to you! Paws, I have several ideas for you!

WOOF! Stop by your dog’s favorite store and buy several bags of treats and a bunch of expensive toys. There are some pawsome organic treats that are created for special occasions; might as well get a few of those too! BARKS!

A really long walk is an excellent way to celebrate! If you normally walk fast, take the time to allow your dog to sniff the world along the way. WOOF! My human calls it our “exploring walk”! I get a few extra seconds to check out other dogs’ smells and sniff for wildlife along our walks. BARKS!

With the spring season here, my human and I love going rail-fanning so we hop in the Forester, take off our fur and off we go!! It’s a pawsome way to spend an afternoon, just be sure to carry water, a water bowl and treats, and remember something for yourself too! WOOF!!!! Barkingly, sometimes we just hop in the Forester and go with no destination in mind!

Another spring event we love to take part in is visiting garden centers and home improvement stores, buying plants for the garden, mulch and anything else we need for the spring yard chores! I love meeting the humans and getting a bazillion pets by the prettiest ladies! WOOF!!

Another most pawsome activity my human and I enjoy is walking the trails, visiting the historic buildings and reading the historical markers throughout the Manassas National Battlefield. We are working on walking every trail at least once!

How about hosting a Dog Party? Dogs need socialization with other dogs and exercise. Invite a few dog friends over to play with your dog in the backyard. They can run, play, fetch, and chase to their hearts’ content. Have plenty of water, a few bowls, and treats near an area where they have fun safely.

Don’t have a pet to celebrate with? Here are a few friends looking for humans to love!

Meet Bubba! He’s a healthy and friendly fellow who’s just a little timid. BARKS! He needs a patient human who understands the importance of socialization and exercise. He wants to be your one and only dog. He’s housebroken and leash-trained. He would do best in a home with older or no mini-humans. Contact: Prince William Humane Society,, 703-634-0880.

Meet Elijah from PetConnect Rescue – a pawsome young Labrador/Pointer mix pup! Elijah is a playful, curious, and affectionate fellow, who's good with humans, great with other dogs and young enough to learn about cats. His happy-go-lucky personality will make him a beloved family member. Since he’s a young guy, he will require an adopter who is home most of the day to continue his training! Contact: PetConnect Rescue, 1-877-838-9171, email:

Meet Ranger, a smiling Black Labrador Retriever, looking for his forever home in a single-family home with a physical fence in a rural or suburban area. He likes greeting other dogs on walks. He loves sitting in front of a window watching the world go by. Barkingly, he loves being outside. WOOF!! Ranger knows basic commands and is highly treat-motivated! Looking for a laid-back dog? He may be the one for you! He has no cat history but he seemed to ignore them at the shelter. No history with mini-humans so he’s approved for ages 10 and up. Contact Lab Rescue at, (301) 299-6756, email

Meet Rustie, a Beagle mix. Rustie gets along with other dogs and loves humans. He judges cats on an individual basis and thinks squirrels are nuts! He’s shy meeting humans and in new situations but warms up and will become your best friend! He’s playful and energetic and enjoys relaxing on a soft dog bed and chewing on a bone. He is housebroken, crate-trained and well-mannered. Contact Operation Paws for Homes,, email:

About Me:

I, Noah, am Pawthor of Please follow my blog for more humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats. I recently updated our website with current resources and links, Pawlease visit soon- sign up for our email to receive posts in your inbox! WOOF!

Noah is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, a Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,

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