It’s o’dark hundred on a spring Saturday morning. I have just finished walking around the house doing my usual security check. Good – all’s quiet. No sooner do I drift off to sleep and my human gets up! He’s odd like that. It’s way too early for most normal people and that explains it – “normal.” WOOF!!! I drift off to sleep as Dad heads to his studio to work. Arf.

In a few hours, I hear noises downstairs and get up to see what’s the matter as Dad rarely makes much noise in the morning nor does he leave the house early unless he really has to do so! I am curious! WOOF!!

Dad is headed out and, of course, I want to go along but I wait politely to learn if I can. Before I know it, he’s asking me to go for a ride – some human and dog bonding moments ahead! WOOF. We head out for a short trip to the local Garden Center. Dad is buying more supplies for his garden work. Mulch, mulch and more mulch.

Barkingly, I was surprised when the cashier asks him if he wants to buy the products on sale. Dad replies that he doesn’t, as some of the colored mulches can be poisonous to dogs! Not sure if these are, he’s not taking any chances. I stand with my paws on the counter and smile at the love from my human.

When you go to the local garden centers or big box stores to buy your mulch, remember Cocoa mulch, Cocoa shell much, cocoa bean shell mulch, and cocoa bean hull mulch are toxic to dogs. These mulches smell good to your dog so they are likely to ingest them which could cause a variety of problems for your dog. Be careful of dyed mulch products.

Avoid using rocks as mulch too. Some dogs like to eat rocks so this could cause digestive issues if swallowed.

Barkingly, old tires are turned into black rubber mulch which is safer than the Cocoa variety, barkingly, if you have a curious pup, like I am, it might end up where it’s not intended causing a problem for your dog.

WOOF! When buying supplies for the garden, be sure to do some research on whether the products are safe for your dog or cat – especially in those moments when your back is turned doing some else! Ruff! Barkingly, include plants too! Arf.

Don’t have a dog? Meet my friends from Operation Paws for Homes!

Jazz is a four-year-old, easy-going Coonhound-German Shepherd mix who loves to lounge outside taking in all the beauty she can see. She would like a place to run and play too! Jazz enjoys having her back and belly scratched, showing off her tricks – for treats that is – and wrestling with the resident dogs. She is crate- and house-trained. She loves humans but prefers older mini-humans in her home. NO cats, though.

WOOF!!! Meet a very pretty young lady named Vivian Mae! She’s a two-year-old Retriever-German Shepherd mix who was rescued along with her puppies!

Vivian Mae had a bit of a rough start prior to coming to her foster home where she is adjusting quickly learning to love life as a dog! She loves romping and playing with other dogs in her foster home and snuggling with her foster humans. She’s learning to play with rope toys and tug-of-war. She also knows how to use the doggy door to go outside to take care of business!

A sweet and gentle dog, Vivian Mae – though sometimes scared – is not aggressive. She still startles at loud noises or sudden movements though she did well during a thunderstorm.

Meet Darlin'! This girl lives up to her name; a true Darlin’! She’s a devoted dog who will follow her human all over the universe! She loves humans and isn’t a threat to cats – though she’d play a game of chase if indulged! WOOF!!!!!!

Darlin’ is around six years old, happy and well-mannered. She is house- and crate-trained and does well on a leash. She’s eager to please her humans and doesn’t bark often or get on furniture. WOOF!

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About Me:

I, Noah, am Pawthor of Please follow my blog for more humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats. I recently updated our website with current resources and links, Pawlease visit soon- sign up for our email to receive posts in your inbox! WOOF!

Noah is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, a Dog Photographer and Writer,,,,

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