Barks! I’m guessing you’ve noticed the hot weather is here and will be for awhile! Unless, you are insane like my human who loves the heat so much that he’s outside ALL day! BARKS!!

While it’s alright for humans to be outside in the heat, though sometimes limiting activity and paying attention to heat warnings, it’s pawsingly important for humans to be alert to their dogs and cats when the weather gets really hot. Here are a few tips for hot weather safety.

Keep in mind, dogs with darker fur, like handsome ones with black fur like me, and overweight dogs will overheat quicker than others. Dehydration can come quickly for a dog. Watch for signs of dehydration like heavy panting, excessive drooling, bloodshot eyes, lethargy, and a pale look to your pup. You can also detect overheating if you lift the dog’s skin, and it takes a bit longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place!

NEVER EVER leave your dog in a closed car. The temperature in a car rises rapidly inside, making it a death trap! Leaving windows open or the car running with the A/C going full blast are not solutions either. Many A/C’s do not cool consistently without the car moving or the car could stall. If you cannot take your dog inside a business, then leave them home.

To avoid heat for me, I exercise my human early in the morning as early as 6 a.m. Sometimes, we take a short walk in the middle of the day but it’s like a stroll. Late evening walks are good too. Dad carries a doggie canteen full of water with a bowl attached. We’ll stop for drinks of water as often as necessary.

When we go for car rides, I gather bottles of water for us and make sure my water bowl is in the car. Dad likes to drive with the moonroof open and all the windows down. Barkingly, he turns on the A/C and points the vents at me. He pays attention to whether I am keeping cool! If it gets too hot, or he’s concerned I’m not cool enough, he closes the car up to retain the A/C.

No A/C in the house? Use a kiddie pool to cool off your dog. Soak some towels for your dog to relax on. Place a fan in front of a pan of ice. Outside, allow your dog to dig as they may find a cool place to relax. My human bought a huge beach umbrellas which lays on its side to create a shady spot for me. He places a huge bowl of water with ice cubes to keep it cooler longer in a consistent location.

Barks and Paws! Any concerns about your dog overheating, contact the veterinarian or Pet ER center immediately. Always better safe than sorry!

Meet my friends from Lab Rescue! BARKS! Two dogs are better than one!

Meet Harvey and Floyd! These guys must be adopted together and need a home with a physical fence!

Floyd is a mixed breed. He’s calm, gentle, and a tad shy allowing you to take the lead! He loves rolling up blankets into pillows or sleeping on his back on the couch. He is pawsitively a fuss-free fellow!

Harvey is a Black Labrador, a ham and is always smiling! He tries to provoke Floyd (or you) to play. He knows when to relax too! He loves begging for belly rubs and toys! He enjoys sunbathing on the deck.

Meet Shiloh and Mandy! They are looking for a forever home in a rural or suburban single-family or townhouse. There is no fence requirement if exercising is provided! Mandy is a Yellow Labrador Retriever with a touch of Chow, and Shiloh is a Black Labrador Retriever. This is a bonded pair so these dogs must be adopted together.

All of these dogs are pawsitively pawsome, adorable and sweet, love each other, cuddle, snuggle and play together. They adore their toys but humans more! Leash-training will be beneficial. They love car rides and adventures! They like sleeping in the master bedroom either with their human or in their dog beds. They love to give kisses, take treats ever so gently and like munching on ice cubes.

These dogs are crate-trained, known to be good with other dogs, unknown around cats and are approved for mini-humans ages 10 and older!

Contact Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.,, (301) 299-6756,

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