My humans are boring! They usually never go to or host parties and when they do, I don’t get to go! Not sure why, so I’m taking things into my own paws and visiting a neighbor’s house to party for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays! WOOF! Bark. You know this will be fun!

I went down the street to my friends Barkster and Meowsy’s house where their humans LIKE to party! They enjoy having their friends over all hours of the evening! Woof! And, I am ready!

I am really surprised at what I find. My friend’s humans may enjoy parties but they have done little, if any, preparations for their pets while their friends are there having a good time.

For their safety, the humans should keep an eye on their pets being near the front door as humans come and go. Open doors are often an easy escape to take off and run like crazy pets! If they were to get out the front door, they might not be missed for several hours and get into trouble out in the wilds of the human universe. BARKS. Exercising and playing with pets before an event helps them relax and enjoy the festivities.

WOOF! Creating a safe place – a designated room or crates – for your pets to go during parties is the most pawsome and safest things you can do. If your pet gets too stressed, they can go to their crate or the room and relax. Be sure to place their favorite toys, blankets, pillows, only-the-best-treats-money-can-buy and fresh water in the room or crate. My human has created my crate as my “man cave” so when something comes up where it is safer for me to stay in there, he will ask me to go in. It’s pawsome!

As I paw through the house, I am appalled to see alcoholic and other drinks sitting around at “tasting-level” for my friends to do their bidding. Being curious characters, I’m sure it won’t take them long to lick and sip a few of those drinks. If they do, they could become ill, go into a coma and even possibly die. Place all drinks out of reach of pets to be safe! BARKS!

Humans need to keep chocolate and party foods out of reach from pets. Chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol is dangerous for furry friends. Do humans know what their pawsome pets might do to get those barkingly grand tasty treats? Safest thing to do would be have no chocolate or sweets at the pawty. WOOF! Ask guests not to leave plates of food unattended, paws, make sure to secure lids on garbage cans. Human foods should not be fed to your furry friends. Get them some special treats made specifically for them. BARKS!

Noise and fireworks and confetti – oh my! All of these can terrify your pets. Confetti and other party favors could be chewed and swallowed, causing intestinal issues. Noise-makers can cause hearing damage and flashes of light terrify your pets. If you’re going to an event with fireworks, leave pets at home. Be sure to have a safe place prepared for them to relax.

An important reminder for any day, but especially around the holiday celebrations where pets often go missing, is to make sure your pets’ collars and microchips are updated. Should you need to locate them or if a neighbor finds them out and about, they can be returned fast! BARKS!

My friends Barksters and Meowsy are not happy with me for ruining their party with these tips, but it’s awfully important for humans to consider the safety of their pets during the holiday parties.

My human met Rowlf from Operation Paws for Homes last weekend at an adoption event. A mix of Labrador, maybe Doberman, and some hound makes him a pawsome character! He has a strong prey drive so he cannot go to a home with cats or smaller pets. Not a good combination. WOOF!

Rowlf has been good with humans he has met. He’s skilled at playing, learning commands and is learning when to relax. He is house- and crate-trained.

Adopting a hound, as my human learned with me, can be a challenge compared to other dogs. A human with love, patience and large dog skills is what Rowlf needs! WOOFs!

Contact: Operation Paws for Homes,, or email:

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Noah is Pawthor of A blog about dog/cat adoption, humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats. He is Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, Dog Photographer and Writer,,,

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