For humans who cannot have a dog in their lives, I have been pawing about cat adoption over the past few weeks. I know, an interesting subject coming from a dog, but, cats are kinda cool and good for humans too. Though I think you should get a dog- barkingly, I digress. Pawlease read my previous articles at Barkingly, I’ve enjoyed learning and sharing about cat adoption.

Paws, here’s a few considerations when looking for a cat to add to your family!

Ask about the cats socialization. Has he been socialized with different humans and mini-humans? Does he enjoy playing with toys, cardboard boxes, paper bags or scratching posts? Does he interact with humans by playing, pouncing and chasing? Has he been exposed to different sights, sounds, smells, and experiences? These help make a well-rounded cat helping it to be less of a grouchy-cat or aggressive later in life.

While there are many cutesy kittens available to grab your attention, there are many older senior pawsome cats too. My humans first cat was 11-years-old when they adopted him. He was the pawfect cat for a young couple, and especially my human dad who was afraid of cats- had to be a hilarious time you know! Older cats personalities usually are known which make it easier to find one you like. They often have pawcellent litter box manners and will don’t require as much socialization. Older cats are usually calmer which can be better suited for mini-humans too!

As I write over the years about dog and cat adoption, a trait which has impawressed me are dogs or cats with bonded buddies or siblings. Be sure to ask the rescue if the cat has a bonded buddy or sibling. Many times, the stresses of being lost in the world, given up by humans and then rescued, causes the sweet purrsters to bond with another cat to help them emotionally. If this happens, consider adopting both. Inquire the rescues opinion.

Take paws to check the cats Veterinary records. Be sure he’s had vaccinations and been checked for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV). These diseases should be checked before taking a cat home. Knowing the cat’s health record can give insight to future medical expenses. Ask if a Veterinarian visit is available before adopting. Often, it is and must be completed within a certain time. A visit can catch things you may miss and provide insight to future health. If you already have a cat at home, take advantage of this for the health of your current cat!

And paws or purrs, ask about a sleepover. A few days or a week is a good way to learn the cats adaptability to your home and other pets. It could take a few days to determine whether the new fella fits in.

My pawsome friend, “Cat Lady” brought by a few friends for you to meet!

Meet Carolina a sweet, playful girl. She and sister, Isabella, arrived from Puerto Rico looking for humans to love and “Forever Homes!” Carolina loves playing with her sister, cuddling, and stretching out in the sun for a nap!

Carolina is a purringly pawcellent soccer player who likes hiding and jumping out to surprise her sister. She will do best in a home with a playmate or her sister Isabella.

Isabella is playful, curious, and loving! She loves cuddling and sitting on her foster mom’s foot while dinner is prepared. She loves dragging her wand toy around and playing soccer with Carolina. She will do best in a home with a playmate or her sister Carolina.

Meet Andy- a pawsome lover with quite a purrsonality! He’s friendly, funny, affectionate, and sweet! His happiness is contagious! His entertainer skills will keep you smiling. He is a curious fella who loves to play and snuggle with humans! Andy does great with other cats and humans of all ages!

Need a cuddler in your life? Pretty boy Alex is the pawsome fella for you! Andy loves to play with toys he can chase. His hobbies include bird watching and snuggling! He’s a happy guy with lots of love to share. Alex does great with other cats and humans of all ages

These cats are healthy and have pawcellent litter box manners.

Contact PetConnect Rescue:, email: or call 1-877-838-9171

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I, Noah, am Pawthor of A blog about dog adoption, humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats. Pawlease follow us by email to enjoy our adventures.

Noah is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, a Dog Photographer and Writer,,,

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