I am a black dog; a beautiful, handsome, shiny, smart, pawsome Black Labrador Retriever/Plott Hound mix. While many humans may not think much about a dog’s fur color and select the dog(s) which fit their needs or fall in love with when they meet, there are some humans who will overlook a most pawsome dog simply because it’s black-coated.

“Black Dog Syndrome” means black-coated dogs and cats often take longer to be adopted because of many factors the dog or cat cannot prevent. Sometimes, a facial expression of curiosity given by the dog or cat, will look mean or concerning when it is really not. If the dog has a bit of grey hair around the muzzle, like I do, they are often seen as being older than they really are, which happens to me quite often! WOOF!! Often, the black dog doesn’t show up as well as others behind bars in dark kennels or wires of cages. Movies and novels will portray the black dog or cat or other black animal as being the villain or evil. These impressions stay in the human’s mind creating fear or concern. Often, black dogs can be difficult to photograph which means they do not show well on a rescue or shelters website.

Similarly, many black cats are overlooked for adoption as they are often associated with witches, evil, bad luck and superstitions.

Many years prior to meeting me, my human read about the “Black Dog Syndrome” and decided this meant more black-coated dogs for him because there’s pawlenty of oppawtunity to adopt handsome black dogs in the future. I learned later, when he met me, my facial expressions were a bit frightening but he loved the traits my foster shared with him. Once mom met me and she approved, I was taken home to live forever with my pawsome humans. They are so happy they didn’t let “Black Dog Syndrome” affect their choice or they might not have had me making their making it much better than they could ever imagine!

BARK! When you are looking for a pet, do not let the fur color keep you from visiting or inquiring about any pet. Take time to look at the black-coated dogs or cats in the kennel or wire cage. Inquire with the volunteer foster as to what the dog or cat is really like! You might be missing a diamond of a pet – like my humans found in me!

My friend “Lab Lady” is blessed to be surrounded by Black Labrador Retrievers! She and my human love the dogs! She brought by a few looking for humans to love and a forever home!

Meet Dixie, a very happy four-year-old Black Labrador Retriever! She is looking for a forever home in a single-family home with a physical fence located in a suburban or rural area. She is your friend from the minute you meet!

Dixie enjoys playing with everyone and loves wading in the kennel pool! She rides well in the car and enjoys playing with toys. She is learning the art of retrieving! She knows some basic commands and is learning skills of leash-walking! She is house- and crate-trained.

Dixie is looking for an active family who will provide a yard to play in, lots of lovin’, and training.

Meet Jackson, a 10-month-old Black Labrador Retriever with tons of energy, love, and pawlenty of doggie kisses to share with his humans! He is looking for a forever home in a single-family home located in a suburban or rural area.

Jackson loves the water and retrieving. He is a smart fellow and is eager to pawlease!

Dixie and Jackson are good with other dogs and are recommended for mini-humans ages 10 and older. Dixie has no known cat history, while Jackson is good with cats.

Contact: Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., www.lab-rescue.org, call the Lab Line: (301) 299-6756 or email info@lab-rescue.org.

Looking for a black cat? Meet my friend Carly! She’s friendly with some dogs, cats, and mini-humans.

Shy at first, Carly is a gentle, sweet character who will become a total velcro cat with humans once she gets to know them. Carly wants a quiet forever home where her humans will help her come out of her shell. It will be worth it!

Contact: Homeless Animals Rescue Team, www.hart90.org, 703-691-HART, hart90office@hart90.org.

About Me:

Noah is Pawthor of www.fromthedogspaw.com- A blog about dog adoption, humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats. Pawlease follow us by email to enjoy our adventures.

Noah is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, a Dog Photographer and Writer, www.allenpearsonsphotos.com, www.facebook.com/AllenPearsonsPhotos.com, www.instagram.com/fromthedogspaw.

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