It was a dark and stormy night. Ooops. Sorry Snoopy. But, it was a dark and stormy late afternoon when my human Dad learned that the “through thick and thin” part in his marriage vows included adopting a cat. A cat. Yes, a cat. The terror.

Paws, his wife of two years received a call from her mother who shared about a cat needing a home. Mind you, the couple discussed adopting a cat, since condo-living wasn’t good for a large breed dog. Mom had grown up with cats. It wasn’t really going to happen, he thought.

“Mom found the perfect cat for us!” she shared while he began getting concerned. “Well, we shouldn’t plan to go halfway around the world to see a cat tonight as there is a really bad storm coming and it could be dangerous,” he said, pleadingly in hopes of not going nor getting a cat and that sweet-precious-little-furry cat will have time to find other humans before they could get to the other side of the world to meet the cat. Wrong.

The thunderstorms blew through but departed in plenty of time for the happy couple to go visit the cat. They arrived at their destination full of anticipation and anxiety. You can guess which was which.

Paws, or purrs, the cat greeted them at the door - a Maine Coon with the grey and black markings making him most handsome and distinguished of cats. His long hair fluffed and puffed just so, and Mom was hooked. Dad was more nervous. What had he gotten himself into?

While Mom and her mother were talking with the cat’s Mom and learning the cat needs, Dad sat there watching the cat and listening. The cat made its move toward Dad so he was more alert to what this cat might do to him. Will he live to tell? Will it be death by cat? Will his tombstone read “scratched to death by cat?”

I would love to have been there for this: Just as Dad’s nerves and vivid imagination were running as wild as they could – and, that’s no short journey for him – the cat jumped into Dad’s lap causing him to tense up. The cat sat there, making odd noises sounding like it was broken or something wasn’t right. Maybe the carburetor needed adjustment, but who knows. Dogs don’t make these noises… he looked at the cat. The cat returned the look. It sat there. He sat there. He wanted desperately to get his wife’s attention but didn’t dare speak as it could cause an attack of the worst kind.

As the evening began getting late, it was decided the cat would be going home with them. Dad’s heart stopped. This was it. Now was the time to be a man and….take all the cat’s belongings to the car so they could take him home.

The cat rode in the car with little difficulty. Mom stopped at a store to get a few supplies which meant Dad and the cat would be left alone for the first time. Fear struck! He would be alone with the cat. The two looked at each other while Mom shopped. The cat “meowed” and Dad prayed.

The family made it home safe and the cat found a happy home.

This was a true scenario. Dad was afraid of cats. No cats were harmed. And, Dad learned to like cats… eventually. WOOF!

Meet Hannah and Hope! These two pawsome kitties born at the end of March are sisters! Since they are so young, they must be adopted together! Meowingly, the adopter must be home a good part of the day to take care of them. The two are enjoying newfound life in their foster’s home playing with toys, wrestling, exploring and watching birds from a window. The purr motors on these two girls leave nothing to be desired; they are pawsome! These mousesters are true ladies with their litter box too! MEOW. Contact, PetConnect Rescue,, email: or call 1-877-838-9171.

Meet Maya, a pawfully sweet nine-year-old girl who is dog, cat and mini-human friendly! Abandoned by her human who she’d spent most of her life with at a shelter, she’s learning to love again, enjoying attention from her rescue friends and will bond with the human she adopts! Contact: Homeless Animals Rescue Team,, 703-691-HART,

Can I bark now?

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Noah is Pawthor of where he shares dog adoption, humor, dog adventures and facts about dogs and cats.

Noah is the Dog to his human, Allen Pearson, a Dog Photographer and Writer,,,

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