Mount Vernon fire suspect

Louis Garbers

Investigators from the Fairfax County Fire Investigations Section (FIS), in coordination with the Fairfax County Police Department and federal law enforcement partners, have arrested 48 year-old Louis Garbers in connection with an incendiary vehicle fire that occurred August 15, in the 4200 block of Sonia Court in the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County.

Garbers was taken into custody on October 7, and transferred to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was charged with three felony counts, including burning or destroying personal property-greater than $1,000; setting fire to woods, fences, or grass; larceny from a vehicle; and misdemeanor trespass on a vehicle with the intent to conduct a crime. This arrest comes after several weeks of collaboration among public safety agencies and the public. 

Since April 2020, FIS has been investigating multiple suspicious fires along the Route 1 corridor. FIS continues to work diligently to thoroughly investigate each incident. The fire incidents include:

April 17: 6800 block of Richmond Highway (vehicle fire)

April 17: 6300 block of Richmond Highway (outside fire)

May 1: 2700 block of Mennifield Court (vehicle fire)

July 28: 2900 block of Dunbar Street (house fire)

August 13: 7300 block of Richmond Highway (vehicle fire)

August 29: 2900 block of Dunbar Street (house fire)

September 1: 7800 block of Mt Woodley Place (vehicle fire)

Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents is asked to call Battalion Chief Keith Ludeman at (703) 246-4746

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