After successfully defending the “private recreational” land-use designation of Reston National Golf Course and keeping its new owners from developing it—at least for the moment— a Reston group is now taking a swing at keeping development out of Reston’s 'other' golf course.

“Due to overwhelming requests that Rescue Reston received from citizens for advice and support, the Rescue Reston board of directors voted to extend its mission to include Reston's sister golf course, Hidden Creek, which has the identical land use designation as Reston National,” said Connie Hartke, president of Rescue Reston.

Hidden Creek Country Club is on the north side of Reston, located at 1711 Clubhouse Rd. It offers tennis and social memberships in addition to golf. The centerpiece of the Club is the award-winning Ed Ault Signature Golf Course, renowned for its outstanding course conditions and tour-quality greens.

Golf Course Island Cluster, one of the largest clusters in Reston, borders the course. Adjacent to the course is Island Walk Cooperative, a 102-unit affordable housing community. Other homes surrounding the course include apartments, town homes, and single-family homes on Wedge Drive and Hook Road off of Fairway Drive.

The country club and its golf course changed ownership in October.

“Wheelock Communities, a subsidiary of Wheelock Street Capital, LLC, is fairly open about the fact that they did not buy the property to keep it as an 18-hole golf course,” Hartke said.

“Over the next few years, Wheelock will work in partnership with the Reston community and Hidden Creek club members to explore potential changes to the property that could provide the Reston community with additional public amenities, environmental benefits and new housing choices,” Wheelock Communities announced on its website, following its purchase of the property in late October.

“Hidden Creek Country Club provides us with a unique opportunity to be a part of the nationally recognized and highly respected Reston community,” said Wheelock principal Dan Green. “We look forward to being an engaged member of the community and adding to what makes Reston such a special place to live, work and visit.”

In its own effort to keep Reston a “special place to live, work and visit,” Rescue Reston’s mission statement now states that it will work to defend the 159-acre North Course at Hidden Creek Country Club, as well as the South Course at Reston National Golf Course.

To that end, Hartke says a North Course Committee has been formed. Lynne Mulston, an active golf member at HCCC, chairs the committee. Co-chair is Sue Beffel, who currently also serves as chair of the Reston Association Environmental Advisory committee. Anyone wishing to assist with projects as they arise should contact the North Course Committee at

To assist the community in learning more about these new developments, Reston Impact host and producer John Lovaas invited Hartke and the North Course Committee team of Lynne Mulston and Sue Beffel to join him in a discussion of the issues to be aware of regarding this latest development.

It can be watched anytime --> here <-- and will air Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. on Reston Community Television; Comcast channel 28 and Verizon Channel 1981.

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