The Reston Historic Trust & Museum will soon host a panel discussion titled “Women Playing in Reston: The Effects of Title IX on Women’s Sports” to celebrate Women’s History Month.

A panel discussion will be held at the Jo Ann Rose Gallery RCC Lake Anne at 7pm on march 13.

While Reston offered recreational facilities for all residents since its beginnings in the 1960s, equality in federally assisted athletic programs was not guaranteed by law until Title IX was enacted in 1972. Although not the original intent, Title IX dramatically impacted women’s sports, particularly in regards to participation, scholarships, and benefits such as equipment.

Panelists Vicky Wingert, Skye Eddy Bruce, Valerie Lister, and Jennifer Volgenau Wiley will bring their involvement with a variety of athletic programs to discuss how the implementation of Title IX affected women’s sports, including Reston sports. A temporary exhibit showcasing archival artifacts related to this program will be on display at the Reston Historic Trust & Museum throughout March.

Programs of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum are supported in part by Reston Community Center.

Panelist profiles:

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Skye Eddy Bruce

Born in 1971, the year before Title IX was passed, Skye Eddy Bruce is thankful to have grown up in progressive Reston where she had opportunities to play from the age of 5. Skye, who went on to become a professional player, was a collegiate and youth All-American goalkeeper, Defensive MVP of the Final Four (1993) and a State Champion track athlete. For the past 20 years, Skye has coached extensively in youth and collegiate games. She is the founder of the Soccer Parenting Association - a trusted resource for supporting and educating youth soccer parents.

Valerie Lister.jpeg

Valerie Lister

Valerie Lister has been the South Lakes High School assistant coach for track and field since 2012. She helped lead the Lady Seahawks to win the 2019 regional championship for indoor

track. She began her career as a sportswriter for 15 years, including covering high school, college, professional sports as well as two Olympic games. She has also volunteered with organizations such as Reston Runners Youth-in-Motion, Potomac River Youth Track Program and Potomac River Youth Track Team.

Jennifer Volgenau Wiley .jpg

Jennifer Volgenau Wiley

Jennifer Volgenau Wiley graduated from South Lakes High School in 1986, where she played varsity basketball as undefeated state champions and varsity soccer, as well as participated in student government and other activities. She went on to play Division I soccer at William & Mary where they were ranked as high as #3 in the country, with Jennifer as co-captain in her senior year. Jennifer has been married for 27 years and has three wonderful daughters who each played three sports in school. Jennifer currently works for The Volgenau Foundation, which focuses on conservation, education and classical music.

Vicky Wingert .jpg

Vicky Wingert

Vicky Wingert grew up loving sports. She was a Physical Education and Philosophy major in college and played a variety of varsity sports. Vicky dreamed of a professional career as a basketball player but that was before the Title IX revolution. Early on in her career, she coached college and high school basketball and produced several award winning documentary films and commercials. Upon moving to Reston, VA, Vicky was employed by the Reston Association as Day Camp Director, then Director of Open Space and ultimately as Executive Vice President. Now retired, she enjoys seeing the opportunities offered to her athletic granddaughter in the ever evolving world of women’s sports.

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