Last Saturday saw the Fairfax Lady Lions face off against the Woodson Cavaliers in Women’s Varsity Basketball. Fairfax came into the game after a victory over South County as both teams we looking for a win to help their standings going into the Patriot District Tournament which began this week. This would be the final game of a shortened season due to the pandemic, in a normal season this would have been these team’s 22nd game instead they’re were only at 11 games played for the season.

In the first quarter the Lions passing game led to them scoring a two-pointer at the 5:45 followed by Fairfax penetrating in the paint for a nice lay-up to give them an early lead. The Lions would deny Woodson and offense until they got their first shot at the 3:20 mark.

Woodson would take the lead with a field goal at the 1:00 mark but Fairfax would tie it in the 30 seconds. Woodson however would pull a two-pointer in the last five seconds of the quarter to take a lead of 11 to 9.

In the second quarter the Lady Lions tied the game up by penetrating the paint and getting a two-pointer at the 7:35 mark. But it wouldn’t be smooth sailing this quarter as a bad pass by Fairfax let the Cavs drive into the paint and draw a foul that allowed Woodson to score a free throw that would get them the lead back.

The Lions retook lead around the 6:15 mark but history would repeat itself as another bad pass from Fairfax would lead to Woodson getting fouled again and gaining another free throw. Fairfax would answer back with a free throw and a two-pointer to end the half in the lead with a score of 23-19.

As the second half begins the Cavaliers score first at the 7:04 mark but Fairfax would respond in kind moments later. Woodson trailed but fought hard and continued to put the pressure on the Lions. But Fairfax continued pulling further away and would soon have a double-digit lead at the 3:30 mark. 

The action on the court was literally back and forth at one point as Woodson stole the ball only for Fairfax to take it back after a failed shot by the Cavs in the paint. But Woodson would line up a few shots at the 1:30 mark and get closer to closing the point gap. But Fairfax would score in the last 30 seconds and keep their lead at end of the third quarter with a score of 35 to 28.

Going into the fourth quarter both teams continued to play aggressively as the Lions opened things up with another two-pointer. The aggression continued as Woodson striped the ball from Fairfax for a two of their own. Fairfax would stay aggressive as well and went for a fast break but got fouled which resulted in two completed free throws. Fairfax would get one more free throw at the eight second mark  to win the game 46 to 37.

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