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The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently approved a request for a loan from the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority. The request being made is for the Authority to issue what is known as a housing blueprint loan in the amount of $4,450,000. 

The funds will be used to finance the development of affordable senior housing that will be known as the Lodge at Autumn Willow. This project which is being is being developed by Michaels Development Company, a privately-held real estate development firm which is located in Camden, New Jersey. Michaels focuses on creating affordable and workforce retail residences and has done extensive work in the Washington D.C./ Virginia/Maryland area.

The Lodge at Autumn Willow will include 150 units for independently living seniors in a two-story building that will be surrounded by a natural wooded setting. This setting will include surface parking for the residents and will be surrounded by a public park, pedestrian trails, and the Little Rocky Run streambed.

While just under 10 acres will be used for the project approximately five and a half acres will be used for the build and surrounding amenities in order to preserve trees native to the area ad a buffer zone that will line the north, east, and west ends of the property. There are also plans for additional planting to restore the native woodland as well as provide a visual buffer for the neighborhood’s residents.

The Redevelopment and Housing Authority approved an intern agreement with Michaels Development in July 2020 through the Virginia Public-Private Infrastructure Act for the development of the project.  The Act which is also known as the Virginia Condominium Act was passed in 2002 and grants public entities that are perceived as responsible the authority to create public-private partnerships for the development of a wide range of projects for public use. 

The projects are approved when public entities such as the Authority determine that there is a need for a particular project to the public in a timely or cost-effective fashion. A more comprehensive agreement made between the Authority and Michaels Development in February 2021 gives a 99-year ground lease which gives ownership of the land to the New Jersey-based developer.

The agreement also gives Michaels tax credits through limited liability companies called Autumn Willow 4, LLC and Autumn Willow 9, LLC. These companies are named for the tax credits of four and nine percent respectively that Michaels will receive for the development. 

The development will be located at 13090 Autumn Willow Drive which will be located in the south-east quadrant of the intersection of Stringfellow Road and Autumn Willow Road in the Springfield district. The construction will take place over an 18-month period which is expected to begin in Spring 2022.

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