The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on March 9th to announce a deal to bring solar power to several county-owned buildings. The hearing will detail a deal made with Sigora Solar, LLC., a Virginia-based company that provides solar and other energy efficient technologies. 

The deal will involve leasing several county-owned properties to Signora for the installation, operation, and maintenance of solar panel which will be used to provide electric power for the properties. Fairfax will lease 22 properties to Sigora which will include various fire and police stations, community centers, county government centers, as well as the animal shelter.

This comes after an announcement made in Dec. 2019 of a contract made between Fairfax and Signora to install solar panels on buildings owned not just by the County but also by the Fairfax County Public Schools, the Park Authority, and the County’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

The cost for electricity produced by these panels is expected to decrease once they are made operational. Under the contract made with Sigora, county properties are expected to pay $0.069 per kilowatt hour or kWh over the course of the 25-year contract. The properties listed for solar upgrades are set in a service area that averages $0.085 per kWh which Fairfax calculates would mean a savings of $0.016 per kWh from the power generated by the panels.

According to city documents, Fairfax has also calculated that savings from these installations is expected to increase over time as the average cost of utility-driven electric power is expected to increase over time. 

The list of properties that will be included on this list is incomplete as of writing and more may be added before the public hearing. The process of installation of county building is designed to take place in two phases. Phase One which includes the list of properties made public for the hearing is scheduled to include 24 building which means there may be room for two more properties.

Phase two is scheduled to include another 48 projects involving county properties, what those properties may be has yet to be determined by the board of supervisors. 

Included among the list are five building that are either under construction or in the process of renovation. These include the fire stations in Edsall Road, Reston, and Woodlawn as well as the Lorton Community Center and Library and the Sully Community Center. 

The following is a list of the rest of county-owned properties under consideration for solar panel installation: these include The Public Safety Headquarters and Parking Garage at the 12099 Government Center Parkway; The Great Falls Volunteer Fire Station; The McLean Government Center and Fire Station; The Wolf Trap Fire Station #42; The McLean Community Center; The John Marshall Library; The Richard Byrd Library; The Lilian Carey Center; The Mason District Government Center and Fire Station; The Thomas Jefferson Library; The Gum Springs Community Center; The Newington Vehicle Maintenance Facility; The Merrifield Center and Merrifield Center Garage; The Fairfax County Animal Shelter; The Girl’s Probation House; The Pohick Regional Library; and The Jermantown Vehicle and Fire Apparatus Maintenance Facility.

The hearing is scheduled to be held on March 9th at 4:00 pm. Interested parties can watch the hearing live on Channel 16 or on live video streaming on the county website.

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