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This past Saturday the Fairfax High Lions Girls Varsity team faced the Robinson High Rams in a rematch from a few days prior. That game saw Robinson win 33-26 which also saw Fairfax commit 20 turnovers, the lady Lions were looking to cut that number down.

In the first quarter the Lions got the scoring started by drawing a foul and getting a free throw. The Lions played aggressively and had a good passing game but Rams answered back tying the game early at 4:45 mark for a 4-4 score. Moments later Robinson took lead and kept it through the rest of the game.

The turnover problems reared their ugly heads for the Lions, at one point Lions number 21 Elyse Autrey stole the ball and made it to the other side of the court. However, a blown pass ended the drive and allow the Rams to extend their lead.

The Lions book ended the quarter with another free throw coming out of the quarter with the Rams leading 9-11.

In the second quarter the Lions continue to play aggressively, they continue with the good passing, but the turnover problem also continues. There was little scoring for awhile as the Rams only managed to get two complete free throws. That is until the 4:45 mark when the Rams began to penetrate the Lions paint and in spite of having some turnover problems of their own ended the quarter still in the lead at 15-21.

In the third quarter the Lions continue to put the pressure on the Rams but the constant turnovers undermined their efforts. The Rams start off the scoring with a couple of two-pointers that extended their lead to 10 points around 5:35 mark. One highlight saw the Rams draw a foul but only managed to complete one free throw, but they rebounded the blown throw and got the deuce out of it to continue to dominate.

Turnovers continued to be a problem for Lions as the Rams extended their lead. The Lions got their only score of the quarter when number 23 Maddie Brunk got fouled during a tie up for the ball and got a complete free throw to break the Lions scoring drought. At the end of the third the Rams were still in the lead 16-32.

The final quarter began with aggressive play on both sides which resulted in the Rams drawing a foul and get the scoring started with two complete free throws. Both teams continued to have problems with turnovers but the Rams managed to keep it together to start penetrating the Lion’s paint. The Rams were getting some good drives especially at the 3:38 mark but the Lions shored up their defense and managed to deny Robinson from have a field day on their home court.

Even though the Lions managed to kill their drought at 1:30 mark the Rams still managed to walk away the winners with a final score of 18-37.

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