This past Tuesday, the Fairfax Lions girls’ varsity basketball team faced off against their counterparts on the Annandale Atoms on their home turf at Fairfax High School. 

The season has moved forward under the specter of the coronavirus pandemic so there weren’t many fans in the stands to witness a dominating display by Coach Pat Deegan’s team who were coming off of a loss to Westfield.

The Lions took command in the first quarter which gave them a good 13-3 lead. A lead that the lady Lions would never give back.

In the second quarter, the action was a bit more pensive from both teams as the Lions kept the defense up for most of the quarter and frustrating attempts from the Atoms to score. 

It wasn’t until the last two and a half minutes of the quarter that the Lions decided to break the stalemate. The scoring was mostly the Lions with the Atoms making a free throw and a three-point goal before time ran out with the score 20-7 with the Lions in the lead.

The action continued into the second half and the shots kept coming from both sides. But the Lions were able to grow their lead which also included six free throws, four of them completed by number 23 Molly Brunk. 

Two more free throws by the Lions brought their score at the end of the third quarter to 35-12 maintaining their dominance.

At the fourth quarter the Lions continued to dominate with six points around the six-minute mark which the Atoms responded to with five points of their own soon after.

But the lady Lions took got a few more shots in and never gave the Atoms another chance to catch up completing a dominate win over the Annandale ladies by a final score of 45-19 bring the Lions record in the beginning of this season to two and one.


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