Dear Editor,

Anyone wondering why people don’t trust their elected officials should study the recent unprofessional and dishonest behavior of Fairfax County’s Board of Supervisors.

For 24 years, the Board lobbied the Commonwealth for the opportunity to consider a ban of firearms from County property.  Despite so much time to prepare, at its September 15th public hearing, the Board presented no fiscal analysis of the ban’s costs. 

Instead, the Board abandoned its fiduciary responsibility to County residents, passed the amendment and stated that “Staff is in the process of determining the costs” and “if necessary, budgetary adjustments will be recommended as part of a future quarterly review.”

Of equal concern, is the Board's dishonest reversal of its decades-long commitment that the ban would have exception for concealed carry permit holders. This exception was explicit in the County’s Annual Legislative Program.

And yet, although the Board approved staff amendments to include other exceptions, the Board refused public requests for it to honor the concealed carry exception.

The Supervisors who reversed their stance, said they did so because they did not trust the way concealed carry permits are granted… despite the permit process being unchanged for many years. 

I commend Supervisor Herrity for being the only dissenter on the vote.  While he indicated he might support a version of the proposal, he objected to the process.

How can politicians honestly continue to ask for our trust?

Eugene Schweikert

McLean, VA

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Fairfax County is run by Democrats and there will never be a fair discussion in this matter...With a board that consists of 9 Democrats and one Republican guess which way they lean?

An absolute disgrace...


Fairfax County has long been a liberal county not interested in opposing views. I have personally witnessed first hand the absolute lack of open minded stance those in power/control have...I have been to FFx county assemblies where D Saslaw, McKay and the liberal bunch act as though they are interested in what constituents say but have already made their minds up and are going through the motions to appease constituents. They act like they list to the people while talking amongst themselves, getting up to get coffee, have cigarette breaks and basically ignoring citizens viewpoints. With a 9 to 1 panel there is no wonder conservatives have zero representation in FFX County..Time to remove these self serving do nothings..

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