Dear Editor, 

The Common Misconception - "My trash hauler picks up and recycles my glass."

The City of Fairfax provides curbside recycling pickup service doesn't translate to the City of Fairfax recycling your curbside glass.

Recently I discovered that the majority of Fairfax City residents believe that the glass that is set out on trash day is going to the recyclers for recycling. Yes the glass along with other recyclables are picked up. However the glass is not sent to the glass recycling and processing center in Lorton, Va for recycling.

No current trash hauler in Northern Virginia picks up glass recyclables to be recycled. Glass set out on trash day is treated as such, trash. As I am sure you are aware the only way is for home owners and individuals to take their glass to the Purple bins for recycling.

It is misleading to residents when the City says, -"The City of Fairfax still offers trash recycling service to its' residents" when referring to curbside trash service. Also, "The region has been facing challenges with respect to recycling glass. While it's still ok to put glass in your curbside recycling bin, the City has established a glass-only drop off center to improve the recyclability of glass."

Was that clear? If not phone the City of Fairfax and your trash hauler and ask them directly. 'Is my glass thats picked up on trash day recycled or not?'

This lack of transparency appears to be a localized issue as Fairfax County residents residing outside the the City of Fairfax are aware that their trash haulers do not recycle their glass. City of Fairfax residents are confused by conflicting dialog from civic associations and city officials alike. Unfortunately the City of Fairfax has not clearly articulated this fact to its' residents setting your glass on the curb equates to your glass not being recycled but tossed in the trash heap.

William Moss

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