The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently approved an endorsement of an application the County that seeks funding from the I-395 Express Lanes for transportation projects for the 2022 and 2023 fiscal years. 

The application will endorse three projects, two which are being recommended by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority which are designed to increase travel options on I-395 and I-95 in the Fairfax County area. The application also endorses a project being submitted by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission which could be a benefit to the County.

The first item will be for the renewal of existing funds for Fairfax Connecter Route 396 which provides bus services from the Gambrill Road and Backlick North Park and Ride lots to The Pentagon. According to information from the County the routes help to reduce travel time for commuters, provide additional capacity for the lots, and helps to reduce congestion on the I-95/I-395 corridor.

The application is asking for $1,386,000 in funds which will be applied to these bus routes to improve the quality and level of service provided in the corridor. 

The second item on the application is funding for a new service for Fairfax Connector Route 371. This new service will replace the 371, 372, and 373 routes that already exist. The new Route 371 will have expanded service and will connect Virginia Railway express riders with destinations in Springfield and the north area of Fort Belvoir that have high levels of employment opportunities.

The application requests $2,579,000 in funding to purchase a bus as well as bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the first and last mile connections to limited stops along the route and employment centers.

Another project that Fairfax will endorse that may have benefits for the County is the creation of a website specifically meant to assist local military personnel and defense contractors. The Northern Virginia Regional Commission would create a website that would provide commuter and transit information tailored for those working in nearby defense installations. 

Should the application be approved the funds for the projects would come from the I-395 Annual Investment Funds which is part of a joint agreement between the NVTC and the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission which outlines the distribution and allocation of funds from I-395 investments. 

The NVTA’s deadline for the application was set for January 29. 

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