Eleven-year-old Sahir Mantri of Fairfax has called the Superbowl for the New England Patriots and has predicted a final score. 

You are never too young to turn something you love into a passion that can really take you places. For 11-year old Sahir Mantri of Fairfax, that passion is the game of Football. Sahir’s interest in the sport started at a very young age. “My Uncle introduced me to the game when I was 3,” Sahir said, adding that, “After he showed me the sport, I just wanted to know everything about. Because at first it just looked like guys trying to hit each other.”

Sahir goes to school at Navy Elementary in Fairfax and plays flag football as well as basketball in his spare time. But his primary focus in life is what happens on the gridiron every Sunday, Monday and Thursday of the NFL season. What started off as a personal interest has ballooned into something that could eventually take Sahir far in life.

The point where analyzing the sport became a serious endeavor for Sahir was during third grade when he decided to do an extra credit project for school. “I tried to predict who was going to win Super Bowl 51 between the Patriots and Falcons, I thought the score was going to be 31-27, Patriots. But it ended up being 34-28, but I was close,” Sahir said. When asked whether or not he wanted to make a career out of this, Sahir didn’t hesitate and quickly answered, “Yes.”

Sahir’s main inspirations are Bob Costas of NBC and former NFL QB Tony Romo when it comes to sports commentating.

During the past few years, young Sahir has been making predictions about the NFL Playoffs and has managed to correctly predict the matchups in both the NFC and AFC Championship games. This led to Sahir entering a WTOP Kid reporter contest at the last minute before the deadline in 2018. The winner was to receive $1,000 for their respective school. Sahir wound up being a top ten finalist.

“My Dad and I shot two videos and we sent in the second one, since a lot of the contestants had worked on their stuff for weeks, I wasn’t sure how I’d do,” Sahir explained.

Recently, with the Super Bowl right around the corner, Sahir has put his analytical skills to the test of predicting the upcoming Superbowl win. He created a slide that explained how the Rams could win and wrote a two-page piece that explained how the Patriots could win. His overall prediction is that the Patriots will win by the score of 27-21. Regardless of whether his Super Bowl prediction is correct, the future of this young man looks very bright.

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