Maks & Val

Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy will be dancing up a storm at EagleBank

Millions of dance lovers know brothers Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, two of the best and hottest stars of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” who light up the dance floor week after week with their celebrity partners.

With the show on hiatus for the summer, the Chmerkovskiys have decided to write and perform in their own show and will bring the “Maks & Val Live on Tour: Our Way” production to the EagleBank Arena on July 9.

“We talked about what is it who makes us who we are. What is it that drives us to be the best version of ourselves? When we go on stage in front of audiences, we wanted to make that audience feel something motivating and inspiring, and walk away with their kids and sign them up for dance class,” Maks said. “We are product of incredible parents and incredible influence and this is our way to get on the road and say thank you to our mentors and fans.”

The dance production isn’t just flashy moves; it combines an honest and unfiltered narrative of their life story with how they rose to fame on DWTS, relying on the world class dancing, creativity and passion they are known for.

Maks and Val were born in the Ukraine and immigrated with their family to New York in 1994.

“It’s the story of these two immigrant kids who grew up in Brooklyn ballroom dancing and 10 years later ended up in everyone’s living room,” Val said. “It’s something we hope people want to know about.”

Dance fans shouldn’t be worried though. The autobiographical piece has plenty of dancing, both from the brothers and a group of some of the greatest dancers in the world, completely choreographed by the Chmerkovskiys.

“You’ll be thoroughly entertained by all of our great dancers, who are each bringing something of their own,” Maks said. “There will also be some acting, some spoken word, musical acts and people will walk away inspired and highly entertained. Plus, you’ll know which one of us is taller and who has better abs.”

The latter is an argument the two playfully kid about with each other, and it’s easy to tell that the two definitely have a strong bond. Other things they joshed about during the interview were who is friendlier, who is better looking and who gets the bigger bed on the bus! These are all things that might come into play at the show.

“We want to have fun and we want to make sure the audience has a good time with us as well,” Val said.

The brothers have long wanted to put a show like this together, inspired by other dancing siblings such as the Hines brothers. It’s something they used to talk about laying in their bunk beds in Brooklyn 20 years ago.

“Any time I see two siblings make it to that level of success, it warms my heart because it’s one thing to accomplish your dreams, but it’s a completely different thing to accomplish those dreams with a loved one,” Maks said. “Being able to work with your family, and to accomplish such a high degree together, it’s amazing.”

They admit that the conversations they had when they were younger were shoot-for-the-stars type of talks, and neither thought it would ever really happen.

“We didn’t foresee ‘Dancing with the Stars’ happening and giving us all these opportunities, but we most certainly wanted it,” Val said. “It’s a dream come true. We are made by our fans and are so thankful for them. The effort we put into the show is for them.”

Maks and Val are also co-founders of the Dance With Me dance studios, one of the nation’s leading Latin and Ballroom dance studios aiming to provide students with the highest quality experience in personalized dance instruction.

For now, they are concentrating on the tour and looking forward to what’s to come.

“I think this show has the potential to be a TV special, movie or even go further as a theatrical performance,” Maks said. “We are inventing something new here. It’s a one-of-a-kind show that we would love to see end up on Broadway.”

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