At midnight, utilities in Virginia will once again be allowed to disconnect customers for non-payment.

Dominion Energy does NOT intend to begin disconnections at this time. 

“Dominion Energy supports the General Assembly’s proposed approach to extending the moratorium on disconnects and will NOT disconnect any Virginia customers for non-payment while waiting for the General Assembly’s final actions to take effect,” said Dominion Energy officials.

Additional steps Dominon has taken to ensure care of their customers throughout the pandemic include: 

  • Suspended disconnects back in March prior to the SCC taking action. 
  • Offering customers up to 12 months, starting June 15, to pay down past due balances. No minimum down payment is required. 
  • Expanded assistance and eligibility for EnergyShare, our bill assistance program that helps those facing hardship. 
  • For residential customers, Dominon contributed an additional $500,000 to EnergyShare program, bringing the total available this year to around $13.5 million. We also doubled the benefit for the summer cooling season from $300 to $600 per residential account. Customers under 60 are eligible for EnergyShare benefits without a disconnect notice.  
  • For business customers. they have established and contributed $500,000 to the Small Business Relief Program, which will offer one-time assistance of up to $1,000 toward unpaid Dominion Energy Virginia electric bills that may have accrued during the pandemic to small businesses, nonprofits, and houses of worship. 

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