The Main Street Chamber Players with guest artist violinist Timothy Shiu presents music by women composers.

The Main Street Chamber Players with guest artist violinist Timothy Shiu presents music by women composers featuring Florence Price, Louise Farrenc, Maddalena Lombardini-Sirmen and Rebekah Griffin Greene on Saturday, June 15 at 7 p.m. at Ravensworth Baptist Church in Annandale.

Why should the audience attend?

“This program is dedicated entirely to women composers. The time span of these composers is from the 18th century up through a living American 21st century composer,” answers Violinist Laura Kobayashi, a member of the Main Street Chamber Players and Artist Teacher at Main Street Music Studios, LLC.

“It will feature music that is not widely heard or performed. Here is what we will be performing on Saturday, June 15: Maddalena Laura Lombardini Sirmen: “Duo #2 in D Major” for two violins; Rebekah Griffin Greene: “A Short Mass” for viola, cello & double bass; Florence Price: “Five Folk Songs in Counterpoint” for string quartet and Louise Dumont Farrenc: “Piano Quintet No.2 in E Major.”

Timothy Shiu.jpeg

Guest artist violinist Timothy Shiu.

Why Timothy Shiu?

“Timothy Shiu is a close friend and former colleague of cellist Kenneth Law [a member of the Main Street Chamber Players] who teaches at Main Street Music Studios. Tim and Ken used to work and perform together in a professional string quartet called the Maia String Quartet 20 years ago or more, and when they both left the quartet for different reasons and went their own way professionally, they stayed in touch. Tim is a wonderful musician who’s been teaching at the University of Memphis for 14 years or more. He’s the first violinist in the faculty string quartet there, the Ceruti String Quartet whose members perform together regularly,” shared Kobayashi. “Tim has a bachelor’s degree in English from Yale University, a master of music from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a performer’s certificate or professional diploma (postgraduate) from the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Also, when Tim was on sabbatical for an entire academic year from the University of Memphis, he taught with us at Main Street Music Studios. After he returned to teach at the University of Memphis, we have continued to invite Tim to return to come back to Fairfax to perform with us.”

You can learn more about Mr. Shiu by visiting

The Main Street Chamber Players is a mixed instrumental chamber ensemble whose collective experience spans more than 20 years and is comprised of members of the Main Street Music Studios, LLC located in Fairfax, Virginia.

This concert is free. Donations are gratefully accepted.

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