At their most recent meeting the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a decision to put signs that would inform commuters of additional fines for speeding on certain streets in the Mount Vernon district of the County.

The signs which will read “$200 additional fines for speeding” will be placed on two streets specifically. One will be placed on Edinburgh Drive which sits between Rolling Road and Rolling View Lane. A second sign will be placed on Northumberland Road which lies between Rolling Road and Edinburgh Drive.

The decision to request these signs was made by Mount Vernon Supervisor Dan Storck after getting support from the local community after an engineering review was conducted by the county. The results of that review ascertained that the signs would be necessary on those roads in order to meet certain speed and volume criteria that are outlined in the Residential Traffic Administration program.

“The value of these signs in our neighborhoods increases awareness and reminds drivers not only that excessive speed can be costly, but that it can kill. With in-person schooling restarting at Saratoga Elementary School, it is especially important to remind drivers that our children need us to care about their safety. In particular with these two roadways, the traffic study showed a very high level of speeding – in the 85th percentile – possibly the highest I have ever seen.” Commented Supervisor Storck. 

According to the County’s website, the program works directly with communities to decrease the impacts of traffic and enhance safety in area neighborhoods. The program uses several tools such as the “$200 additional fines for speeding” signs in order to achieve their stated goals. Other tools that are outlined in the county page on the program include traffic calming, cut-through mitigation, “watch for children” signs, and through truck restrictions.

Fairfax County is permitted by the Code of Virginia to fine commuters a maximum of $200 that exceed

the posted speed limit. The code also says that localities such as Fairfax County can impose other penalties such as potential jail time that are recommended by the law. The speed limit that would justify the use of these signs must be 35 miles per hour or less and be used in areas that are proven to have existing speeding problems.

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation will request the Virginia Department of Transportation to schedule the installment of these signs on Edinburgh and Northumberland as soon as possible.

The cost of this project will come to $1,000 which will come out of the county’s VDOT secondary road construction budget.

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