Chanté Moore

R&B star Chanté Moore looks to make personal connections with her audience.

With a voice that is smooth, sultry and unforgettable, Chanté Moore has made millions of fans around the globe since first hitting it big in the early ’90s.

A native of San Francisco, the R&B singer rose to fame after signing with MCA’s Silas Records to release her debut album “Precious” in 1992. Her single “Love’s Taken Over” became a staple on the charts and the album was a huge success.

In 1999, Moore released her signature song “Chanté’s Got a Man” on the “This Moment is Mine” album, earning a Soul Train Award nomination, as well as other accolades throughout the industry.

But it’s not just music that Moore has excelled at. In addition to being one of television’s “R&B Divas,” she’s also acted on television, appeared in several plays and wrote a best-selling book.

And she’s never given up making new music and performing live. Her latest album was the critically acclaimed “The Rise of the Phoenix,” which produced the hit, “Real One.” This past year, she released “Fresh Love,” a powerful song making great use of her well-aged vocals, and proving she still has a lot of fire left in her.

“I love creating music. From the moment I think of something, I’m inspired. I might write it all night and be crying at whatever it is, or be excited by where I’m going with it,” Moore said. “Crafting a song together and getting a melody right, and just singing it over and over until it’s exactly what I heard in my soul—and letting my friends and family hear it and enjoying it before the world can. And then, that nervous, scary, vulnerable place when you put a song out, hoping that the world feels what you felt. I enjoy it all.”

On Feb. 16, Moore will be performing at The Birchmere, which she admits is one of her favorite venues to play.

“I love The Birchmere because there’s a lot of people there but everyone has a great seat and I can see each and every face, so it becomes such an intimate and fun experience for me,” she said. “I love The Birchmere people and all the people who work there are always super great. They give us good food and by the time we hit the stage, we come out and enjoy dancing around that stage.”

Don’t be surprised if she brings some audience members up because it’s something she has done in the past and enjoys getting people involved in her show.

“As for the songs, I’ll be doing some new music and playing all of the old favorites, and just keep enjoying myself,” Moore said. “If I could have a residency there, I would.”

Being that the show is on the tail-end of Valentine’s Day weekend, Moore will be doing something a little special for those who may be celebrating the holiday.

“I’ll be dropping a new single soon and this night will be the first time that I perform it live,” she said. “It’s called ‘Hold it Down,’ and I will share it with The Birchmere audience. My forthcoming EP will also be released soon, and I want to see what people think about it. This song is extremely personal and I think really beautiful, and I’ll be explaining to them the inspiration of the song.”

The music world has changed a lot since Moore began, and she noted that she’s had to evolve with the times, though she remains true to her old-self of wanting to perform one-on-one with her audience.

“The Birchmere makes you feel like performing in the old days, and that’s another reason I love it,” she said. “I’m around on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so I do get to interact with my audience, but we don’t have that same personal close community on the radio the way we used to. But when I am [at] places where I can meet the audience, and they get on line so I can sign their stuff after a show, that’s what I love. That’s who I am. I do love reaching out and touching my audience.”

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