The Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce has witnessed first-

hand the unprecedented hardships COVID-19 has brought to its local businesses, communities, and families. Fueled by the same entrepreneurial, problem-solving spirit that drives its business members, earlier this year the Chamber got busy evaluating how it could get involved to make a meaningful and immediate difference.

The result is the Chamber’s new ‘telehealth’ partnership with Nashville-based, BetterBenefits. For a flat monthly subscription of $9.95, a family of 10 can now enjoy unlimited, high-quality telehealth consults all year long and never worry about a ‘copay’. All doctors are US-based and can prescribe, as necessary.

Even more remarkable, coverage is not restricted to immediate family but can also include extended family outside the subscriber’s household (i.e. grandma, uncle, cousin, nephew, etc.) Although originally intended as an exclusive benefit for Chamber members, the continued COVID threat has prompted Chamber’s Board to extend a ‘special enrollment period’ to the general public until August 31. All purchases during this special enrollment by non-Chamber members will be ‘grandfathered’ for as long as they choose to keep the service.

“What excites us about this exclusive offer is not just that it will help struggling families save time & money, although that’s incredibly important

right now," said Chamber’s Executive Director Jennifer Rose. "But it will also help those families get treatment for ‘everyday issues’ without ever leaving

home. Keeping them them safer and, in the process, offering some critical relief to our strained healthcare system.”

For more information or to enroll, visit the Chamber’s website at

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