Caboose Brewing Company – a local brewery based out of Vienna – recently began construction on a brand-new location in the Mosaic District Community of Merrifield, Va.

The new location will turn a 6,000-square-foot warehouse into a completely environmentally sustainable brewpub, offering food, drinks as well as hosting private events. This is only one example of the Mosaic District’s initiative to repurpose existing spaces into all-new culinary destinations that reflect the Mosaic District’s industrial history.

Scheduled to open its doors later this year, the new Caboose brewpub will be located on the southwest corner of Lee Highway and Eskridge Road. In an effort to promote environmental consciousness and safety, the location features pedestrian crosswalks, bike racks and a possible bike-sharing program, in addition to free parking.

In the hopes of capitalizing on the booming trends of eating and drinking local, Caboose Brewing Company and EDENS – the retail real estate development company responsible for the Mosaic District – believe this new brewpub will serve as a beacon of prosperity for hometown brands and entrepreneurs.

At this year’s Virginia Craft Beer Cup, Caboose’s Crossroads Lager won the first place gold medal in the Amber and Dark European lager category. In addition to brewing quality beer, Caboose works with local farmers to proudly serve gourmet, locally-sourced food in a tapas style that’s perfect for sharing.

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