Bruce Katz

2019 Blues Music Awards winner, and Hammond B-3 great, Bruce Katz, coming to Falls Church at JV's Restaurant for the very first time on Thursday, Sept. 19.

Bruce Katz, renowned Hammond B-3 organist, keyboardist and 2019 Blues Music Awards "Best Acoustic Album" winner, and his Bruce Katz Band, embark on their “Solo Ride” Fall 2019 U.S. Tour, with a local performance at JV's Restaurant, 6666 Arlington Blvd., Thursday, Sept. 19. Showtime: 8:30p.m. (2 sets). Tickets are $10. For more Information, call 703-241-9504 or visit

“Solo Ride” (released August this year) is the newest CD on American Showplace Music from the keyboardist, and his tenth album to date. The album was produced by Katz with label owner Ben Elliott, and co-produced by Bruce's manager and agent, Legare Robertson. “Solo Ride” marks Katz’s only solo release after thirty years of composing, touring and playing. It captures the emotion and intensity of his music, and contains all instrumentals from start to finish, drawing from his vast background of stylings from jazz to blues to classical, gospel and country. “I'm tellin' ya, he's downhome and uptown all at once, and that's a winning combination.” -Ted Drozdowski, Music Critic.

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