Nashville-based a cappella group Street Corner Symphony bring holiday favorites to Vienna.

If Vienna doesn’t have the holiday spirit by now, it definitely will after Street Corner Symphony rolls into town. In support of their recently released album “A Street Corner Christmas,” the group will play Jammin Java on Monday, Dec. 5 with Andy Davis and Pitches Be Crazy. Formed in Nashville in 2010, Street Corner Symphony is an a cappella singing group with a repertoire ranging from rock and pop to barbershop and gospel.

Here is a little background on what went into making the new Christmas record as well as what performing in an a cappella group is like:

Q: Your newest album “A Street Corner Christmas” was released on Black Friday, earlier than scheduled. What led to the early release?

A: We had a super productive fall and challenged ourselves to get the album finished and released in November. When we were forecasting our plans going into the winter we loved the idea of it dropping on Black Friday and families having the opportunity to share it together.

Q: Out of all the Christmas tunes out there, how did you all decide what would be on “A Street Corner Christmas”?

A: It's a mixed bag really. We like to have variety in our shows and on our albums. A lot of these songs we have loved forever. Others were decided for us by fans via Twitter. There's also an original. We're from Nashville so we always have to throw an original song in the mix.

Q: What do you hope fans get out of your collection of Christmas recordings?

A: We lock a lot of memories away in songs, especially during the holiday season. We hope that our album can accompany many, many happy memories for families and friends and fans.

Q: You’ll be playing Jammin Java in Vienna, Va. on Monday, Dec. 5 in support of your new holiday album. How do you expect the energy of this show to be different/similar than that of a non-holiday themed show of yours?

A: Same fun, just more decorations, and obviously more Holiday tunes. We've tried Rudolph in July. FYI, it doesn't work nearly as well.

Q: What are the most rewarding aspects of performing in an a cappella group? The most challenging aspects?

A: Hahahahahahahahaha, that's funny. First of all, load in and load out for our shows is a breeze, and that about covers it.

Q: Now including holiday music, your repertoire features music from a wide range of genres. What genre/style do you feel Street Corner Symphony does the best with?

A: One of our strengths is the ability to span different genres and at the same time make it our own. We all came up playing in rock bands, writing and performing different styles. When we approach a new song, everyone brings something a little different to the table to form something we hope is natural and interesting.

Q: What vocalists do you all draw the most inspiration from?

A: Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley, Paul McCartney, Chris Thile, Karen Carpenter, Thom Yorke, Ke$ha, Tom Waits, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, and Ryan Miller.

Q: What’s next for Street Corner Symphony?

A: Lots of new singles! Lots of new videos! And some really exciting shows all over the world.

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