Dear Editor, 

As FCPS continues to talk about reopening schools in the middle of this pandemic, I think it’s important for us to remember how much of a privilege it is that we are able to manage school online. While many parents are upset that remote learning isn’t exactly what they thought it’d be, it is only due to our infrastructure that we are able to successfully keep kids in school without risking the lives of students or teachers. There are other countries in which this would be nearly impossible.

Many developing countries in the world don’t have the infrastructure that we do in the U.S. Without widespread access to the internet, it makes teaching kids during this pandemic extremely hard. Some countries have come up with creative solutions, like using TV and radio to air classes or even handing out workbooks to kids that can’t even access that. However, these solutions on their own are not always enough to keep educating kids.

It is exactly these problems that require leadership in wealthy countries like the U.S. to help poor countries during this pandemic. Our representatives -- Sen. Kaine, Sen. Warner and Rep. Connolly -- should support emergency global funding for COVID-19. Further, I think those of us in the county who insist schools should reopen should consider how great it’s been that we’ve largely been able to keep up with teaching while also keeping kids and teachers safe during the pandemic.

Sarah Wilkowske

Herndon, VA

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