When I think about who I would like to represent my family and I in Congress, I would like a leader who takes the time to listen to the concerns of constituents. I do not want a career politician who has taken his seat for granted and painted himself as a moderate while his voting record does not demonstrate that. I also do not want someone who seems more concerned about “wa lking in line,” with a particular political party versus aligning with the views of the district, and someone who has passed 0 bills he has sponsored. 

Where am I located? The 11th district of Virginia. Since 2009, Gerry Connolly has sat in Congress. While his home district is just miles from Capitol Hill, he has not been truly in touch with the needs of his district. What does Congressman Gerry Connolly’s voting record look like? Congressman Gerry Connolly’s voting record aligns 94% of the time directly with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN05). How can we continue to trust Congressman Gerry Connolly and that he will do what is right to ensure that we have law and order on our streets and an appropriately funded police department if his voting record aligns 94% of the time with a Congresswoman who has called for the defunding of the police? I for one, would love to hear directly from Congressman Connolly on how he stands on the issues. He has not just requested to limit debates with his opponent, but he has actually refused to debate her!

So who is this candidate?: Manga Anantatmula. Manga became a first generation immigrant from India and brought with her a deep understanding of the importance of standing up for freedom and justice. She worked hard to achieve her US Citizenship and received her Security Clearance to work for a variety of federal agencies. Manga is not just your average Congressional candidate. She personally can identify with the plight of so many hard working Americans and immigrants who never have once taken for granted the privilege and blessing of living in the United States and Virginia. At every turn, Manga and her family had to work very hard, starting from square one when arriving in the US. Her persistence and the example of hard work and never giving up, is not just one I personally admire but one that many constituents in VA-11 can be inspired by and identify with. 

Here are some key areas Manga is tirelessly working to improve:

  • School Choice and Reopening our Schools in a Safe Way
  • Preserving and Protecting Constitutional Rights 
  • Ensuring Northern Virginia does NOT Become a Sanctuary Place for Gangs (MS13) and Human Traffickers
  • Supporting our Troops and Valuing and Caring for Our Veterans

Are you interested in keeping the status quo in VA-11? Or are you interested in a fresh voice, a new perspective, and someone who is willing to put partisan politics aside and actually focus on the issues that matter most to the district?

Elizabeth McCauley

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I've noticed that Manga Anantatmula's campaign has openly resorted to fearmongering against people based on their race. Its ironic that that she herself is an immigrant.

In your article you seem to mention this. "What does Congressman Gerry Connolly’s voting record look like? Congressman Gerry Connolly’s voting record aligns 94% of the time directly with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar"

What are you trying to convey? Why is agreeing with Rep.Ilhan Omar 94% of the time, a bad thing?

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