Father and daughter.

Leading a Varsity Football team can be very taxing, during the season, there are no breaks. Football season never ends. It’s either working hard to succeed during the current season or preparing for the following year. For Robinson HC and PE Teacher Scott Vossler, (Who’s also a Father of two) the preparations for next game start the following morning after the game. According to Vossler, on Saturday morning, he gives himself a few hours to wake up and eat breakfast, then he goes to work.

After opening Robinson around 8am, Vossler has the team lift weights for an hour then they go into the film room to review their previous game. This sparks Vossler’s favorite part of his job, “The best part of the job is watching the kids grow, to see them improve and be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.” Practices start on Monday through Thursday for 2 and a half hours, plus Vossler’s job as a teacher. Having 3 jobs is a hard thing to balance out into equal thirds, “It’s not possible to do everything the way I want to,” he explained, “Sometimes I need my assistants to take over for me.” Vossler also added that, “I’m not always at home for my family, but I’ll try my best to make up for that in the offseason.

Vossler remains strong and confident about his team. “I always operate on the principle that if I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I’m trying my best, then I can live with the results,” He explained. Sometimes the results aren’t going to reflect strong efforts from the coaches or the teams, “Every week 50% of the coaches are looked at as fools, but it’s important to make sure you can take care of those in your program and set them up for success,” Vossler concluded.

Throughout all the ups and downs, Vossler has remained grateful for all of his experiences as a Head Coach. If he were to give advice to someone who’s become a new HC, he would tell that man to, “Enjoy the ride, you or other people may question yourself at times, but you need to learn from your mistakes and respect everyone in the program from the coaches to the kids involved.” According to Vossler, obsessing over wins and losses won’t help anyone in the profession. “Focusing on wins and losses will just make you miserable, your main focus is to develop great people at the end of the day.”

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