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Are our privacy and freedoms in jeopardy? Read the following and then you decide.

Several private companies offer credit score reports for individuals, etc. For those private companies to prepare a credible report, they must have your total earnings, debts, payment history, etc. Such private information apparently is readily available to anyone that can be used to infringe on our privacy and freedoms.

NSA is monitoring our emails and phone records. Such data can be used to intimidate us and thus reduce our privacy and freedoms. Security doesn’t mean that all Americans need to be spied on.

The IRS has targeted certain organizations to audit because of their political beliefs. Each of us have opinions and we can make them known. That is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Free speech is a treasure and shouldn’t be destroyed because of one’s beliefs. We are not robots that must adhere to speech that someone else may believe is appropriate.

IRS is proposing to monitor church services to develop a speech code. Who at the IRS has the wherewithal to be able to determine whether ministers, rabbis, priests, etc., homilies are appropriate? Here again big government is getting in the way of free speech and religion. Such speech codes are a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Some bureaucrats in the name of making people more healthy, want to impose what one can or cannot eat. All of us have a free will and no one should attempt to stifle that in the name of health. Again, such dictators violate the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.

And finally, the government is on track to take over your health care. Once the government has that control, you have lost your freedom. Controlling your health is controlling you.

An attempt to monitor what newspeople were saying for appropriateness, was called off. Here again, a violation of free speech of the U.S. Constitution.

Don’t sit around and complain but get involved and let the elected officials know that they must protect our constitutional right of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and unreasonable search and seizure. These rights are too precious to lose. If we do nothing, one day we will wake up and ask what has happened to our freedoms. Then it’s too late.

Again, you have to decide if these freedoms are precious and must be protected.

Frank Medico, Mount Vernon