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As a mother of a 10-year-old autistic son, I read with chagrin that you were promoting McLean Bible Church’s Jill’s House in this week’s edition of Fairfax County Times [“Vienna-based Jill’s House a welcome neighbor”]. What reporter Gregg MacDonald failed to mention is “The goal of Jill’s House is to share Jesus’ love with children with special needs and their families with professional excellence,” as stated on their website.

Although Jill’s House official Denise Daffron states, “You do not have to be affiliated with McLean Bible Church to qualify for our facility,” this Evangelical community certainly tries its best to make you and your special needs children affiliated with them, and the sooner the better. For example, Jill House’s offers a promotional video highlighting a contemporary Christian song, and showcases a wall mural with “Jesus Loves Me” lyrics painted on it. There’s also a plaque on another wall stating, “The Lord is my salvation, whom shall I fear.” And yes, they do have a chapel.

McLean Bible Church also hosts the Accessibility Summit, an annual special education conference very closely connected to the Evangelical faith. One of the workshops they offer next April is “Introducing Jesus to Those with Special Needs.”

I can only hope my letter serves as a warning of McLean Bible Church’s hidden agenda that is so often not reported in the media.

Kathleen Kinsolving, Herndon