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As the legislative representative for the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, I have a duty to make sure all children in Virginia have the opportunity to get a valuable education. I know Senator Warner feels the same way.

During his time as governor, education was always a top priority. He allocated $1.5 billion toward K-12 education, which is the largest education investment in Virginia history. Since becoming our senator, he has expanded his efforts to address education equality throughout the commonwealth, as well as throughout the country. Earlier this year, he worked along side Senator Kaine to secure a $1 billion increase in Head Start funding and $250 million worth of grants for states to improve the quality of preschools for low and moderate income families.

All politicians say they want to improve education – few do the work to back it up. Senator Warner has, and our public schools are benefiting from it. It is clear he truly cares about the future of Virginia’s children and I appreciate that.

Barry Weinstein, Legislative Representative

Fairfax County Federation of Teachers