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It is sad to see that in the congressional race for the 10th District, John Foust has already gone on the attack instead of offering constructive solutions. Even NPR noticed the relentlessly negative tone of Foust’s rhetoric, saying his campaign is using old-fashioned fear mongering. They also noted that he was mouthing the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee talking points.

10th District residents deserve better. In order to get large amounts of campaign cash from Nancy Pelosi and Obama, Foust has made it clear that he will be a rubber stamp for them.

In contrast, Delegate Barbara Comstock has a positive record of focusing on jobs and creating opportunities for residents in the 10th District, much like Congressman Wolf for whom she served as a senior aide. Barbara is taking the lead as the Chairwoman of the Science and Technology Committee and has been called the “go to” person for the tech community. She passed significant legislation for Research and Development tax credits, legislation to promote the Data Center industry and the first telework bills that passed in Virginia. Just this past week, Governor McAuliffe signed her Research and Development tax credit and praised this legislation as a great way to create 21st century jobs. Earlier this year, the Governor signed Comstock’s Pulse Oximetry legislation, which will provide testing for all newborns for detecting and congenital heart defects so they can be promptly treated before any health threats develop.

In addition to her vast experience and leadership, Del. Comstock is a person of high integrity, an amazingly hard worker and a mother who has raised three children.

She understands how families in northern Virginia work hard to create opportunities for themselves and their children. Fellow citizens of the 10th District, we need Barbara Comstock serving us in Congress.

Nancy Linton, Herndon