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The following lists show the 2014 5A/6A first and second-team all-region selections for spring sports, as voted on by coaches:

All-Region 6A Baseball

First Team

Pitcher, Jake McSteen (POY), Langley

Pitcher, Eason Recto, Chantilly

Pitcher, Nick Wells, Battlefield

Pitcher, Steven Schwartz, Annandale

Pitcher, John Difazio, Madison

Catcher, Caleb Beatty, McLean

Catcher, Nick Feight, Battlefield

First Base, Jimmy Goldsmith, Madison

Second Base, Jeff Neufang, Osbourn Park

Shortstop, Michael Smith, South County

Third Base, Luke Belt, Madison

Outfield, Mike Sciorra, Chantilly

Outfield, Owen Socher, Madison

Outfield, Mason Diotte, Patriot

Outfield, Jack Hamner, Osbourn Park

Des. Hitter, Nate Eikoff, Patriot

Utility, Jake McSteen, Langley

Utility, Tommy Lopez, Oakton

Coach: Justin Janis, Oakton

Second Team

Pitcher, Brandon Padgett, West Springfield

Pitcher, Joe Williams, Battlefield

Catcher, Matt Meinhofer, West Springfield

Catcher, Reed Mszar, Osbourn Park

First Base, Scott Walter, Centreville

Second Base, Keith Knicely, Oakton

Shortstop, Pete Nielsen, Madison

Third Base, J.P. Nicholas, Centreville

Outfield, Grady Paine, McLean

Outfield, Nick Nevill, Lake Braddock

Outfield, Shawn Courtney, Annandale

Outfield, Nick Atkinson

Des. Hitter, Josh Flaherty, Battlefield

Utility: Joe Rizzo, Oakton

All-Region 5A Baseball
First Team

Pitcher, J.B. Bukaskas, Stone Bridge

Pitcher, Conner Hall, Edison

Catcher, Mitch Blackstone (POY), Marshall

Catcher, Tristan Howerton, Halifax

First Base, Tim Goeglein, Edison

Second Base, Nick Trio, Brooke Point

Second Base, Tyler Starling, Patrick Henry

Third Base, Dave Mocabee, Stone Bridge

Shortstop, Scott Steger, Potomac

Outfield, Kyle Palmer, Stone Bridge

Outfield, Austin Gregory, North Stafford

Outfield, Alex Burke, Potomac

Outfield, Ryan Powell, Halifax

Des. Hitter, Connor Boyle, Marshall

Utility, Tyler Bailey, North Stafford

Coach, Sam Plank, Stone Bridge

All-Region 6A Softball
First Team

Pitcher, Ashley Flesch (POY), Lake Braddock

Pitcher, Ashley Wark, Patriot

Catcher, Bella Norton, McLean

Catcher, Brittany Coffey, Osbourn

Infield, Natalie Hopkins, Centreville

Infield, Kiana Sherlund, Fairfax

Infield, Alexis Champion, Battlefield

Infield, Sabrina Pierce, Chantilly

Infield, Amanda Hendrix, Lake Braddock

Outfield, Katherine Wilson, Robinson

Outfield, Carley Kastner, South County

Outfield, Christi Geisler, McLean

Outfield, Morgan Yi, Centreville

Utility, Emily Templin, Langley

Coach, Jen Ushe, T.C. Williams

Second Team

Pitcher, Katie Vannicola, Madison

Catcher, Rebecca Martin, South County

Catcher, Caroline Jones, Lake Braddock

Catcher, Macy Luck, Centreville

Infield, Rebecca Hall, Fairfax

Infield, Erin Calpin, McLean

Infield, Amanda Patterson, Lake Braddock

Infield, Hannah Garner, Osbourn Park

Infield, Cara Yates, South County

Outfield, Ana Ramirez, Patriot

Outfield, Melanie Dronfield, Langley

Outfield, Emma Rakowski, Lake Braddock

Outfield, Maddie Miller, West Potomac

Utility, Jazmyn Stokes, South Lakes

All-Region 5A Girls Softball
First Team

Madison Larson, Pitcher, Marshall

Candace Whittemore, Pitcher, Patrick Henry

Ashley Samuels, Catcher, Patrick Henry

Kamille Larrabe, Catcher, Broad Run

Emily Kenny (POY), Infielder, Stone Bridge

Brooke McAllister, Infielder, Albemarle

Beth Ford, Infielder, Patrick Henry

Madison Sterner, Infielder,Edison

Jade Fleming, Infielder, Stone Bridge

Caylin Spencer, Outfielder, Massaponax

Amber Spencer, Outfielder, Mt. View

Stormy Zyzyk, Outfielder, Mount Vernon

Kat Uher, Outfielder, Marshall

Nicole Badami, Utility, North Stafford

Shelby Webb, Coach, Patrick Henry

Second Team

Taylor Barnes, Pitcher, Halifax

Erin Rockwell, Pitcher, Mount Vernon

Chelsea Brooks, Catcher, Brooke Point

Ashley Watts, Catcher, Halifax

An Smith, Infielder, Jefferson

Rachel Payne, Infielder, Brooke Point

Emily Pryor, Infielder, North Stafford

Grayson Radcliffe, Infielder, Patrick Henry

Grace Mattimore, Infielder, Broad Run

Kendall Thomas, Outfielder, Patrick Henry

Michala Pellegrino, Outfielder, Tuscarora

Kyeneisha Logan, Outfielder, Halifax

Casey Forbes, Outfielder, Briar Woods

Kirsten Doss, Utility, Halifax

All-Region 6A Boys Lacrosse
First Team

Colin Zimmerman, Attack, Chantilly

Chapman Jasien, Attack, Robinson

Alex Morris, Attack, McLean

Billy Orme, Attack, Langley

Sam Fiedorak, Attack, Lake Braddock

Kyle Harwood, Middie, Yorktown

David Symmes, Middie, South County

Justin Gibbons, Middie, McLean

Kevin Quigley, Middie, South County

Kyle Matthews, Middie, West Potomac

Jack Rowlett, Defender, Robinson

Kevin Doherty, Defender, Chantilly

Hunter Yates, Defender, Langley

Conor Shears, Defender, Yorktown

Will Cogan, Defender, Woodson

Patrick Meehan, Goalie, Chantilly

Second Team

Chris White, Attack, Robinson

Nico Pollack, Attack, Yorktown

Cheech McLallen, Attack, Madison

Jake Newsome, Attack, Washington-Lee

Austin Fitzmaurice, Attack, South County

Sam Shaw, Middie, Robinson

Connor Rogers, Middie, Westfield

Nick, Magnussun, Middie, Westfield

JT Mayer, Middie, Langley

Reese Belcher, Middie, T.C. Williams

Kevin Petrillo, Defender, Westfield

Jude, Buckholz, Defender, Robinson

China Moon, Defender,Woodson

Javin Re, Defender, Chantilly

Alex Belen, Defender, Lake Braddock 2

Connor Delery, Goalie, Woodson

Honorable Mention

Logan Ambrose, Attack, Oakton

Ryan McLaughlin, Attack, Herndon

Lucas Barry, Attack, Lake Braddock

David Krein, Attack, South County

Claude Atkins, Attack, West Potomac

Corey Harris, Middie, Oakton

Colin Meehan, Middie, Chantilly

Ben Bush, Middie, South Lakes

Cason Liles, Middie, Yorktown

Chris Gilmore, Middie, Lake Braddock

Ben Headly, Defender, Madison HM

Moore, Robby Moore, Defender, Washington-Lee

Justin Cole, Defender, McLean

Mikey Wentzel, Goalie, South County

Mason Pollack, Goalie, Yorktown

All-Region 6A Girls Lacrosse
First Team

Kierra Sweeney, Attack, Madison

Katie Kirrigan, Attack, Madison

Regan Newell, Attack, Centreville

Molly O’Sullivan, Attack, Westfield

Maggie Hyland, Attack, Robinson

Meghan Heick, Midfield, Westfield

Caroline Wakefield, Midfield, Centreville

Alex Condon, Midfield, Madison

Kristen Gaudian, Midfield, Lake Braddock

Isabel Obregon, Midfield, W.T. Woodson

Danielle Palmucci, Defense, Oakton

Rachael Ulsh, Defense, Westfield

Tina Nagel, Defense, West Springfield

Kelsey McWilliams, Defense, Oakton

Rachel Brennan, Defense, Madison

Goalie, Sigourney Heerink, Madison

Coach, Amanda Counts, Madison

Coach, Kate Ruch, Westfield

All-Region 5A Boys Lacrosse
First Team

Brian Failor, Goalie, Stone Bridge

Gus Capace, Attack, Stone Bridge

Ryan Cummings, Attack, Broad Run

Danny Riley, Attack, Edison

Sean Rogers, Attack, Loudoun County

Connor Bolen, Attack, North Stafford

Eric Corella, Midfield, Broad Run

Evan Kerkhoff, Midfield, Edison

Jack Flynn, Midfield, Dominion

John Skinner, Midfield, Loudoun Valley

Cheyney Talbert, Midfield, North Stafford

Noah Madgwick, Defense, Stone Bridge

Tim Owens, Defense, Edison

Michael Rexrode (POY), Defense, Loudoun County

Austen Lison, Defense, Loudoun County

Jeremy Klipple, Defense, Loudoun Valley

All-Region 5A Girls Lacrosse
First Team

Ashley Morris, Goalie, Woodgrove

Megan Ellis, Attack, Stone Bridge

Hunter Clark, Attack, Thomas Jefferson

Julie Capretti, Attack, Broad Run

Ashlyn Diloreto, Attack, Loudoun Valley

Mary Hagopian, Attack, Marshall

Kelly Brown (POY), Midfield, Marshall

Corley Simons, Midfield, Loudoun Valley

Nora Bowen, Midfield, Woodgrove

Lauren Deaver, Midfield, Marshall

Maeve Curtin, Midfield, George Mason

Taylor Pascale, Defense, Stone Bridge

Sophie Lex, Defense, Marshall

Kira Dabrowsky, Defense, Woodgrove

Hannah Smith, Defense, Marshall

Cate Lausten, Defense, Stone Bridge

All-Region 6A Girls Soccer
First Team

Laila Gray (POY), Forward, Chantilly

Regan Dahlberg, Defender, WT Woodson

Sara Vigen, Goalkeeper, South Lakes

Karina Lacey, Midfield, Battlefield

Colleen Gawkins, Forward, Battlefield

Teresa Fructerman, Forward, W.T. Woodson

Katherine Bukovsky, Midfield, Westfield

Haley Brazier, Defender,Herndon

Brianna Hollins, Midfield, Lake Braddock

Katy Kunc, Defender, Lake Braddock

Alia Abu Hawa, Midfield, Madison

Marissa Ferrantino, Defender, Osbourn Park

Maire Shire, Forward, McLean

Kristina Diana, Midfield, South County

Cia Makrigiorgos, Defender, Madison

Amanda Nhek, Forward, Patriot

Coach: Adam Soos, Lake Braddock

Second Team

Marissa Valenti, Forward, Osbourn Park

Kayla Christian, Forward, Chantilly

Alex Puletti, Forward, Yorktown

Sydney Bruns, Forward, Battlefield

Jenna Green, Forward, Centreville

Baylee Gillmore, Midfield, Centreville

Becka Callison, Midfield, Battlefield

Emma Shumway, Midfield, Yorktown

Rebecca Palacios, Midfield, Washington-Lee

Ellen Gose, Midfield, South Lakes

Emma Lark, Defender, Westfield

Meaghan Nally, Defender, South Lakes

Shannon Lee, Defender, Battlefield

Bayleigh Young, Defender, Battlefield

Jessie Berlin, Goalkeeper, Lake Braddock

Lexi Graham, Goalkeeper, Madison

Samantha Frowen, Goalkeeper, Osbourn

Honorable Mention

Maura Aman, Woodson

Brianna Beard, Chantilly

Rachael Allshouse, Annandale

Kaitlyn Dorka, McLean

Michelle Burnett, Annandale

Aisha Brown, Patriot

Brittany Fary, Westfield

Kathleen Brumagim, Patriot

Courtney Cuppernall, Langley

Caroline Fitzgerald, Washington-Lee

Meg DeGraft, McLean

Ashley Dull, Patriot

Haley Hopkins, Lake Braddock

Kaitlyn Forsht, Chantilly

Katie Egbert, South County

Erin Mitchell, Osbourn Park

Victoria Gillett, Patriot

Karalee Eriks, Robinson

Tess Sapone, Oakton

Anya Heijst, Oakton

Audrey Freeman, McLean

Jessica Simmons, West Sringfield

Kaitlyn McCurdy, Woodson

Lexi Littlefield, Centreville

Emily Vallatoro, Annandale

Rachel McEntire, West Springfield

Marjorie Woods, West Potomac

Racheal Pearson, Osbourn Park

Kate Thompson, Fairfax

Katia Rabinowitch, Robinson

Tara Khayam, Robinson

All-Region 6A Boys Soccer
First Team

Maycol Nunez (POY), Forward, Washington-Lee

Eryk Williamson, Midfield, T.C. Williams

Jake Campbell, Defender, Washington-Lee

Willie Miezan, Forward, T.C. Williams

Joe McCreary, Midfield, Yorktown

Jefferson Zelaya, Midfield, West Potomac

Jordan Foxx, Defender, Annandale

Joe Rice, Goalkeeper, Fairfax

Armand Jeffris, Forward, Oakton

Tyler Ostrovecky, Defender, Battlefield

Lewin Artiga, Forward, Osborn Park

Kyle Petitt, Forward, West Springfield

Billy Metzler, Midfield, Woodson

Keith Witherall, Midfield, Yorktown

Tim Collins, Defender, Washington-Lee

Matt Lasor, Defender, Westfield

Marty Nickley, Coach, T.C. Williams

Second Team

Daniel Kuzemka, Goalkeeper, Centreville

Geoffrey Young, Defender, Hayfield

Mike Such, Defender, Osborn Park

Bobby Siefert, Defender, Lake Braddock

Ben Cermack, Defender, West Potomac

Oliver Zufall, Defender, Langley

Niko Marcich, Midfield, West Springfield

Bobby Bynum, Midfield, Battlefield

Harrison Ramos, Midfield, Washington-Lee

Ramsey Benzima, Midfield, T.C. Williams

Brian McDaid, Midfield, Oakton

Ben Cisse, Forward, Oakton

Godred Baisel, Forward, Patriot

Brenden Hogan, Forward, Battlefield

Michael Monahan, Forward, Yorktown

Brian Maye, Forward, Herndon

Honorable Mention

Andrew Yow, Forward, Centreville

Ryan Kraus, Forward, Chantilly

Philip Falke, Defender, Centreville

Sean Norman, Defender, Westfield

Branco Perez, Midfield, Herndon

Fernando Muzo, Midfield, Centreville

Lucas Brennen, Defender, Chantilly

Uchechukwu Ezenwa, Defender, Herndon

Jimmy Jameson, Defender, Oakton

Nick Short, Midfielder, Robinson

Kwaku Dwamena, Forward, Hayfield

Joseluiz Reynoso, Forward, South Lakes

Howard Charles, Forward, McLean

Nathan Neri, Midfield, McLean

Cayln Clyburn, Midfield, Fairfax

Cody Gardiner, Defender, Madison

Nick Mayhugh, Midfield, Patriot

Brendan Hogan, Forward, Battlefield

Mejia Raul, Midfield, Stonewall Jackson

Thomas Carswell, Defender, Osbourn Park

Tariq Goland-Tomlinsor, Midfield, Patriot

Ricardo Lizama, Defender, Stonewall

Tony Viera, Forward, Stonewall

Juan Martinez, Forward, Osbourn

Cameron Calder, Midfield, Osbourn Park

Jason Hill, Defender, Osbourn Park

Jeff Madison, Goalkeeper, Osbourn Park

Connor MacMurdy, Defender, West Springfield

Charlie Montano, Defender, Annandale

Alex Furbank, Defender, Woodson

Stephen Durbin, Forward, Lake Braddock

Kyle Peich, Defender, Annandale

All-Region 5A Girls Soccer
First Team

McKensey Ziegler (POY), Forward,Briar Woods

Caroline Kerns, Forward, Broad Run

Kaitlin Bailey, Forward, Massaponax

Megan Schnell, Forward, Albemarle

Meghan Kammerdeiner, Forward, Freedom

Abby Downey, Midfield, Tuscarora

Sara Deutsch, Midfield, Broad Run

Emily Fox, Midfield, Stone Bridge

Jazzy Loredo, Midfield, Albemarle

Rayven Conner, Midfield, Briar Woods

Lauren Kelly, Defender, Briar Woods

Briana Alston, Defender, Stone Bridge

Lexi Taylor, Defender, Broad Run

Miranda Cowardin, Defender, Patrick Henry

Bridget McGregor, Defender, Mountain View

Courtenay Kaplan, Goalkeeper, Tuscarora

Ann Vierkorn, Coach, Briar Woods

Second Team

Allyson Brown, Forward, Briar Woods

Alex Addington, Forward, Stone Bridge

Erika Tomayko, Forward, Mountain View

Katie Valery, Forward, Thomas Jefferson

Michelle Leung, Forward, Stuart

Anna Heilferty, Midfield, Stuart

Anne Brady, Midfield, Albemarle

Mary Grace McGregor, Midfield, Mountain View

Victoria Coleman, Midfield, Marshall

Lindsay Gallagher, Midfield, Stone Bridge

Abby Davison, Defender, Albemarle

Taylor Higgison, Defender, Lee

Kylie Sanders, Defender, North Stafford

Lauren Short, Defender, Tuscarora

Lydia Hall, Defender, Patrick Henry

Cecilia Keppeler, Goalie, Mountain View

All-Region 5A Boys Soccer
First Team

Sammy Sergi (POY), Forward, Broad Run

Collin Kashmer, Forward, Halifax

Edgar Resendiz, Forward, Tuscarora

Marcel Berry, Forward, Albemarle

Collin Verfurth, Midfielder, Briar Woods

Sean Johnson, Midfielder, Massaponax

Carlos Guitierrez, Midfielder, Falls Church

Brian Leibowitz, Midfielder, Marshall

John Fuquene, Midfielder, Wakefield

Zach Poretz, Defender, Broad Run

Jordan Stretch, Defender, Massaponax

Billy Decker, Defender, Mount View

Will Mejia, Defender, Falls Church

Jackson Dubro, Defender, Jefferson

Andrew Davies, Goalie, Broad Run

John Hicks, Coach, Broad Run

Second Team

J.P. Reategui, Forward, Broad Run

Kevin Salazar, Forward, Albemarle

Henry Palencia, Forward, Falls Church

Paul Appiam, Forward, Mount View

Elmer Cuellor, Forward, Potomac

Karim Zebdi, Midfielder, Broad Run

Briggs Moyers, Midfielder, Albemarle

Julian Scoffield, Midfielder, Mount View

Andrew Fountain, Midfielder, Jefferson

Brendan Moyers, Midfielder, Albermarle

Zach Mayo, Defender, Albermarle

Brian Magnuson, Defender, Broad Run

Garrett Lazorchak, Defender, Tuscarora

Chris Vasquez, Defender, Massapanox

Bladimir Gudel, Defender, Wakefield

Matt Spencer, Goalie, Mount View

All-Region 6A Girls Track & Field

Kianna Hairston, 100M, Osbourn Park

Kianna Hairston, 200M, Osbourn Park

Kianna Hairston, 400M, Osbourn Park

Katie Roche, 800M, Lake Braddock

Caroline Alcorta, 1600M, West Springfield

Hannah Christen, 3200M, Lake Braddock

Morgan Knight, 100 Hurdles, South County

Colleen Davidson, 300 Hurdles, Chantilly

Uloma Nwaolu, High Jump, Robinson

Katie Freix, Pole Vault, Westfield

Danielle Hale, Long Jump, South Lakes

Skyla Davidson, Triple Jump, Lake Braddock

Galissia Cause, Shot Put, Battlefield

Iye Massaquoi, Discus, TC Williams

All-Region 6A Boys Track & Field

Noah Lyles, 100M, TC Williams

Noah Lyles, 200M, TC Williams

Josephus Lyles, 400M, TC Williams

Nathan Schulte, 800M, Robinson

Nick Causey, 1600M, Osbourn Park

Andrew Goldman, 3200M, Herndon

John Seals, 100 Hurdles, West Springfield

Nick Falatko, 300 Hurdles, Westfield

John Seals, High Jump, West Springfield

Luke Barstow, Pole Vault, Osbourn Park

Khayri Denny, Long Jump, South Lakes

Kevin Hires, Triple Jump, South County

Reginald Thorne, Shot Put, TC Williams

Garrett Weatherbee, Discus, Robinson

All-Region 6A Boys Tennis

#1 Singles: Jacob Daugherty, Lake Braddock

#2 Singles: Alex Nesterovich, Lake Braddock

#3 Singles: Eric Yoo, Lake Braddock

#4 Singles: Hammy Abuhamda, Langley

#5 Singles: Bobby Kurtzman, Oakton

#6 Singles: Luke Sablik, Madison

#1 Doubles: Jacob Daugherty/Long Huynh, Lake Braddock

#2 Doubles: Alex Nesterovich/Eric Yoo, Lake Braddock

#3 Doubles: Robbie Suresh/Mark Fertal, Madison

Coach of the Year: Bill Hughes, Lake Braddock

Second Team

#1 Singles: Adrien Bouchet, Oakton

#2 Singles: James Schenck, Langley

#3 Singles: Chase Lewis, Langley

#4 Singles: Tate Arevalo, Yorktown

#5 Singles: Mark Fertal, Madison

#5 Singles: Matt Solomon, McLean

#6 Singles: Kyle Chisu Edwards, McLean

#6 Singles: Andrew Parnarouskis, Battlefield


#1 Doubles: Kevin Shen/Hammy Abuhamda, Langley

#2 Doubles: Chase Lewis/James Schenck, Langley


Evan Richardson, Osbourn Park

Luke Maxwell,Yorktown

Mike Padmanham, McLean

Bryan Quatch, Battlefield

Peter Pomajevich, Stonewall Jackson

All-Region 6A Girls Tennis
First Team

#1 Singles: Lizze Stewart, Oakton

#2 Singles: Lindsey Le, oakton

#3 Singles: Lily Moens, Oakton

#4 Singles: Avery Edson, McLean

#5 Singles: Olivia Uzer, Langley

#6 Singles: Diana Yen, Oakton

#1 Doubles: Lizzie Stewart/Lindsey Le, Oakton

#2 Doubles: Lily Moen/Alekhya Nanduri, Oakton

#3 Doubles: Olivia Tate/Charlotte Ruffing, Yorktown

Second Team

#1 Singles: Hannah Yang, West Springfield

#2 Singles: Kelly Xie, Langley

#3 Singles: Sydney Yao, T.C. Williams

#4 Singles: Alekhya Nanduri, Oakton

#5 Singles: Emilee Chun, Chantilly

#6 Singles: Angela Tran, McLean

#1 Doubles: Natalie Pham/Hannah Yang, West Springfield

#2 Doubles: Jeanine Acierto/Emily Zoe, Chantilly

#3 Doubles: Vivien Ho/Jackie Zhu, Oakton

Coach of the Year: Lauren Patrizi Carpenter, Oakton

Honorable Mention

Kelly Fish, Osbourn Park

Valerie Marshall, Yorktown

Rachael Cooper, Yorktown

Caris Chapman, Chantilly