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A Reston man who reported being shot last month while kayaking in Maryland has been hospitalized after shooting himself as police were executing a search warrant Thursday, according to police.

David Seafolk-Kopp, 56, of Lakeshore Crest Drive, claimed to have been shot April 12 while “stargazing” on Bodkin Creek in Pasadena, Md., according to the Maryland Natural Resource Police.

According to Natural Resource Police spokesman Candy Thomson, Seafolk-Kopp claimed he saw a red-laser sight on his chest and stomach pointed from the shoreline where some revelers were camped and partying around a bonfire. He then claimed he was shot in the stomach immediately afterwards. Seafolk-Kopp was taken to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where a bullet was removed from his ribcage. No suspects were ever named in the case.

The bullet was retrieved and MNR Police are now hoping to question Seafolk-Kopp.

Thomson said that while MNR Police were serving a search warrant at his home on Thursday, Seafolk-Kopp answered the door with what appeared to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds to his jaw and torso.

Fairfax County Police aided in executing the search warrant. “He was home and he was injured,” said FCPD spokesperson Lucy Caldwell. “He came to the door with those injuries.”

Thomson said police were executing the search warrant in Reston to find guns in Seafolk-Kopp’s home.

“We are investigating whether or not he shot himself in the abdomen on April 12,” she said. “We ran a gunshot residue test from the April incident and it came back positive on his hands. The bullet retrieved from his ribs was either a .9mm, a .38 or a .357,” said Thomson. “We were seeking guns in his home that might match those calibers.”

With the exception of machine guns, firearms are not registered in Virginia, but according to Thomson, Seafolk-Kopp has 31 guns registered in Maryland. Thomson said Seafolk-Kopp is currently in critical but stable condition at Inova Fairfax hospital. Thomson said he is being investigated but has not been charged.