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Barbara Comstock is once again maneuvering her position on issues important to her constituents. We have lived with her change of heart on transportation, education and gun safety. Now it turns out that she was for Medicaid expansion before she became against expanding healthcare to the 400,000 Virginians who are without any health coverage.

In December her website said, “Delegate Comstock has continued working with her colleagues in the General Assembly to find workable reforms so that Medicaid can be expanded…”

However before the firehouse primary, Comstock was prominent in photos of conservatives determined to fight Medicaid expansion – even if it meant the state with no budget deal could shut down beginning in July.

The federal government would give Virginia $300 million to expand Medicaid for three years. By joining the effort to say no, Comstock puts our state’s credit rating in jeopardy. And Virginians get to watch their tax dollars walk out the door to other states.

Meanwhile, without maintenance health care, Virginians will suffer and premature deaths could result. Hospitals will be over-burdened with critically ill people descending on emergency rooms. Over-taxed with expensive care, some hospitals could close.

What is the point of saying no to funds, no to citizens in desperate need of health care, no to hospitals who need relief, no to the state which needs a budget before credit ratings falter?

Maggie Rheinstein, Sterling